Rebuilding Rosie

I have been having a really fun time putting Rosie 5 into motion, and I've really grown quite fond of her as a protagonist character. Her 3D actor presence has been inspiring me on her story and working with her has brought me a long way in learning things that I've put off for too long, like simulating cloth and hair, for example.

The exciting improvements to Daz Studio in version 4.14 were just the push I needed to finally take some time to get to know Studio a bit better. I've always used it as an assistant plugin sort of tools suite toward my Carrara endeavors - and in that, it totally Rocks!!!

Rosie 5's custom nature doesn't port well into Daz Studio, however. i did some mesh manipulation within Carrara, added custom eyes and teeth, and she's using hair that only works in Carrara.

So this was a golden opportunity to finally try out the Genesis 8 generation of figure. And so Rosie 8 was born was from Lara, by Thorne and Handspan Studios and Victoria 8 by Daz 3D, along with a lot of additional tweaks using the Head, Body and Expression morphs for Genesis 8 Females, again by Daz 3D.

For hair I used Linday's dForce Classic Long and Curly Hair, which really helped to sell that Rosie look.

Amidst all of this, I've been using the pages in this site to study and teach myself how to get along in Daz Studio, along with the help of reading a few key threads within the Daz Studio Discussion forum at Daz 3D. That's when I realized that a lot of my thinking of Studio as being awkward and cumbersome was a product of my lack of experience with it.

Yes, I still find some things to be more difficult than they should be. But the more I tried, the more I began to feel a real Flow emerging.

Genesis 8 Rosie turned out good enough in my eyes to convince me to keep trying and learning, while Octane Render (and ORK) gave me hope that I might actually even be able to render animations.