Character Transfer NLA

There comes a time when we really want to update our character to a fresh figure. Maybe we've added some new morphs to the collection. Maybe we really feel the need to reduce the number of morphs our character contains... whatever.

For whatever reason, we're often put-off by the idea of having to dial our character's shape back in, so we abandon the idea of starting fresh - to our own dismay and frustration.

Well here's a technique that may just help us get most of the work done without the headache (or extensive time!)

  1. In Carrara, select the top level of the character (just above "Actor" or "Model")

  2. Go to the NLA tab

  3. Click: Create Master Pose (not Clip!)

  4. In the dialog, be sure to select the top line (or inside the top line, select only what you want copied) and Actor (or inside the top line, select only what you want copied)

  5. Save the Pose NLA

  6. Load in a fresh copy of Genesis

  7. Go to the NLA tab of the fresh Genesis

  8. Click: Load Clip Data

Note: If you've accidentally saved the figure's pose, and don't want that to be applied to the new copy at frame zero, try selecting the character and go: Animation > Zero > Zero Figure Pose

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