DaVinci Resolve

Amazing piece of software, and the Free version is fully blown software for individuals like myself, while the Studio (Professional) version is still incredibly affordable has full collaboration features and the complete library of presets and the like.

This is Hollywood-class software. I will get the Studio version eventually, just to say Thank You to Blackmagic Design, but I really don't need anything more than the free version for what I'm doing - which is awesome! 

A Quick Look

In this video we tiptoe into my very basic beginnings within Resolve with a hint of Fusion work, since that's how I composite the various elements of my renders together.

It's very brief, but helps to show on screen how easy it can be to get started in such a very basic way. 

While I'm really quite pleased with how Introducing Rosie 5 turned out, I thought it would be an important step in the process, so we ca see how much better things look as this adventure continues and we learn more about this amazing software!

I've also started  "A Quick Look" page where we'll find more of these videos as we progress - so stay tuned! :)

I'll be doing more with my Hybrid Article approach with Resolve and it's various "Pages", like Edit, Fusion, Fairlight Audio and Color.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful free training from Blackmagic Design

This Just In

Blackmagic Design announces the incredible changes made to Resolve for version 17, which is (as of this writing) still in Beta, but the full version should be rolling out soon.

The length of this video is quite long, and they're covering only some of the improvements - and going through them quickly - so there's a LOT going into Resolve 17!

Due to COVID-19 forcing so many people to work from home, Blackmagic Design has decided to make the Collaboration portion of the Studio (paid) version available for Free as well - which also will be coming soon!

Grab your self some time, kick back with some refreshments at hand, and check out what we get!

This is the Blackmagic design press release at NAB 2018. I've included it here because it's important to see what these people do, but it's also a really great intro to DaVinci Resolve after he introduces (briefly) the other great advancements they've made for that year

The Edit page is the non-linear video editor of DaVinci Resolve. 

This is a serious contender in this field of video work. With multiple updates since this release, Resolve is an absolute Beast (and I mean that in a Good way!) for filmmaking.

Download the project files

Intro to Editing Part 2

Download the Project Files

Delivered by an expert color grader, this amazing training session teaches a wealth of color grading techniques no matter what software you use, and that was the original purpose of Resolve - Color Grading. It does so on a highly professional level

Download the video and project files

This thing is So Cool!

Gotta get me one of these! :)


Start with this one because it contains the training needed for the next set of lessons. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't all soak in at once. A little practice and the Fusion way becomes The Way!

Download the video and project files

Are you ready to add some 3D nodes?

Yes, you are! Trust me: Nodes might seem like a 'different' way to work for some of you. I know it did for me. It becomes really easy to use really quick! You're gonna love this! Hmmm free Particles?!!!!

Download the video and project files

...and you thought Resolve was awesome enough already, right? Yeah... me too. But wait until you check this out!

Professional Audio in a Free movie studio!

Part 1

This is where we learn about the power under the hood of having the Postgre Database built into Resolve.

This fellow will blow your mind with how well we can manage our media files within this amazing, collaboration friendly software - even though it takes the Studio version to get Collaboration.

Okay we've come this far, maybe we should put this thing on YouTube, right?

She's back to teach us many ways of delivering our content either dailies to the client or your finished work to NetFlix!

I did say this is amazing software, didn't I?

In some of the presentations and downloadable files, we've been eluded to a movie, Hyperlight. Well here it is. See what these folks did with this incredible (I keep saying that) software.


I also find it helpful (and enjoyable) to see what went in as updates so I know what to look for. So for your convenience:

LACPUG Live Presentations

More cool videos about DaVinci Resolve