Inspiration from STAR WARS

Some STAR WARS documentaries I enjoy watching for inspiration

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

I must say, it took a short while for the artistic style to settle in. I didn't think I'd like it at first. By the end of the first act of the pilot movie I was a big fan, hungry for more!

I get really inspired to animate watching the series, both the movie and the TV seasons and I strongly recommend them all. The finale season on Disney+ is some really amazing stuff, both in story as well as the art.

Playlist of Behind the scenes episodes

What we have here is a look behind the scenes as we hear from the Director, Producer, various members of the team that brings it all to life including voice actors and composer, along with George Lucas himself!

Excellent Inspiration!

An amazing look at how many people it takes to make less than one minute of a STAR WARS film!

Among others from this Celebration, these three panels are an incredible inspiration to me.

It's amazing how much time and money goes into just the brain-storming process!

A wonderful Ralph McQuarrie Tribute slideshow by William Forsche >>>

Playlist of the Tribute to Ralph McQuarrie at Star Wars channel:

Ralph McQuarrie - A Tribute to a Master


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