Carrara Plugins

There are a lot of Amazing plugins for Carrara. 

Some are free and some are not, but there's one thing they All have in common - they All ROCK!!!

It will likely take some time for me to get this area filled in properly but we always have to start somewhere....

I am admittedly grabbing some of this information from the Carrara Plugins FAQ and Info, by Jay Nola, from my 

►►► Carrara Information Manual ◄◄◄ at the Daz 3d Carrara Discussion Forum. I mean, why reinvent the wheel, right?

This page is a link zone and will get you to where you need to be to read about and obtain the various plugins.

The exception being:

Most of the plugin creators have quite a few plugins available and therefore would make for a big mess to try and fit everything on one page, yet some might have only created a few - or perhaps only one and also some I might just have not got to yet. If any of these end up requiring a page of their own, I will make the change and update links ;)

Index to dedicated pages

Fractal Dimensia has also created an amazing plugin for flocking and swarming using Frederic Rible's PyCarrara - PySwarm for Carrara    Check it out!!! 

The rest (that I have so far) are detailed below

This is a listing of makers of Carrara plugins, FAQ for certain plugins they make and some additional information to help with those plugins that isn't found in another part of the Carrara Information Manual. Some FAQ do contain some information that can be found in other parts of the Carrara Information Manual, this was done so that jumping around to different parts of the Carrara Information Manual could be keep at a minimum Not all plugins have a specific FAQ or extra information given for them.

General Plugin And Related Things to Remember

1.) If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8. Make sure you are logged in as an Admin and that you run Carrara as an Admin when you go to enter in your serial for the plugin.

2.) Many of the sites that have online tutorials for Carrara plugins have links in them to files that are imbedded in text. in the tutorial that can be easily missed and may have some larger versions of images if you click on. Not all images may be larger sized ones and you could see om the same website several tutorials with no larger image links, some that contain images with no links to larger images and other images with links to larger version, and some that have larger image links for all images.

This is useful to remember if you want to if your going to download tutorials and want to have every thing the site it was on had.

3.) Plugins files are in most cases installed to your Extensions folder located in your Carrara program (application) folder. Read Me files, plugin specific shaders, scenes, etc. you'll put in the appropriate folder that similar things go into. Shaders go in Shaders, Scenes go in Scenes, etc.

Do note that the After Effects plugin is a plugin for the After Effects program and not the Carrara program. See the specific FAQ for it in.

4.) You need to put a copy of the Extensions files for a plugin in the Extensions folder in each render node program (application) folder you have in your render farm. Some plugins have special versions of the Extensions you use for a render node, while others don't.

Brian Scott

Created & sells the Brianorca's Ocean Plugin for Carrara.

For more information on this plugin go to:

Brianorca Plugin for Carrara

FAQ About The Brianorca Plugin for Carrara

Q: How do I know when the plugin is updated and get the newest version?

A: Updates are emailed out when the plugin is updated.

Clinton's 3D Creations

Has several free Windows 32-bit plugins for Carrara 8. Windows 64-bit and Mac version don't exist. OlderCarrara version can be gotten for Windows only too.

The C8 versions of the plugins are untested.

Several meshes and skeletons for the PSK Export plugin can be download by looking in the Carrrara 7 description of the plugin on the website.

The untested C8 plugins, meshes, skeletons and the older Carrara versions can be gotten at this link:

Clinton's 3D Creations


(Strike-throughs edited in by Dartanbeck, where the information is no longer accurate

Also note that there's a dedicated Inagoni page, where I'll be writing my own articles.)

Inagoni makes several Carrara plugins that are sold in the DAZ Store and on Inagoni's Website.

Unfortunately, I think that Inagoni took it pretty hard (like the rest of us) when Daz removed the Inagoni store. These wonderful plugins are no longer available at this time. we'll see what happens in the future, but I sure am glad to be one of the lucky ones who bought these while they were around!

The latest version of all plugins can be downloaded from Inagoni's Website. The ones included with the installers from DAZ are not the latest versions. Downloading a newer version doesn't have any cost and no extra cost exist for plugins for newer versions of Carrara.

Additionally, Inagoni Website has several free models, shaders, and tutorials for ArchiTools for Carrarra and for the plugins that are in The Advanced Pack and sold on Inagoni's Website.

FAQ About Inagoni Plugins

Q: The plugin is asking me the serial number every time I start Carrara (on Windows platform). What can I do to fix this?

A: This was fixed awhile back. Download the latest version of the plugin from Inagoni's website. The version the installers for the Advanced Pack and ArchiTools for Carrara that you an download from DAZ don't, as of 02-01-2013, install the latest version. Then start Carrara once by choosing to run the program Administrator and enter the serials.

Q: I purchased all the Inagoni Plugins from DAZ store and downloaded the newer version from Inagoni's Website, but I can't get Shaper to accept a serial number. Why is this happening?

A: Shaper is not part of the Advanced Pack and is separate plugin sold currently only on Inagoni's Website. it has its' own serial number and doesn't use the one you got with the Advanced Pack.

Q: Are Demo versions of the plugins available?

A: Some have Evaluation versions that can be downloaded from Inagoni's website. They don't have some functionality as the full versions.

Q: When I was working with ArchiTools I left the Model Room, went to work in another room, went back into work on an ArchiTools building and now a "fog" is around the building (model). What can i do?

A: When you left the model room you didn't close out a model you were working on before, so now 2 or more models are open. To fix this you can do this:

1.) Try seeing if the fog vanishes when you start working on your building (model) in the Model Room. This works in most cases.

2.) Close any models you have open in the Model Room, go back to the Assembly Room, select your model you want to work on, and go back to the Model Room.

Remember, closing a model in the Model Room is not the same as closing a scene in Carrara. Your previous work done in the Model Room to models is not removed just by closing the model in the Model Room.

Mark DesMarais

Made the Shoestring Shaders that were sold in the DAZ Store and are sold on the Shoestring Graphics Website.

Shoestring Shaders sold to DCG, and are now OpenSource along with most of the plugins at Digital Carver's Guild!

The Shoestring Graphics website has several tutorials and downloads links for the newest version.

The Shoestring Graphics Website is at:


Q:I purchased these from the DAZ store will my serial for them work with the newest version I download from the ShoeSting Graphics Website?

A:: Yes.

Q: Does a Carrarra 8 version exist for them? The ones I purchased from the DAZ Store didn't have a Carrara 8 version included of them.

A: Yes, an alpha version of them is out that works in Carrara 8. The alpha Carrara 8 version can be download at no cost from the ShoeString Graphics Website. They use the same serial key (password) as the previous versions.


Made free plugins for Black/White and Sand rendering with Carrara 7 & 8.

They can be download for free at the the Carrara Cafe.

Download link is at:

BlackWhite and Sand rendering plugin Download

SENO Software

Makes P3dO Photo & 3D Explorer

While P3dO Photo & 3D Exploreri s not a plugin technically, it is listed with them, since it tends to be included on listings other have made of Carrara plugins.

A freeware version P3dO Explorer can be downloaded and you can buy P3dO Explorer pro. Only the pro version handles Carrara. files.

With the Pro version one to edit the thumbnail shown in a Carrara .car and .cb files and allows file management of them wiith the program.

SENO Software is at:

SENO Software

Marcelo Teixeira created a tutorial video showing how to create thumbnails for Carrara files with it. The tutorial is at:

Creating thumbs for Carrara in P3DoExplorer


Sparrowhawke3D has several free plugins for Carrara, tutorials for them. Several alpha versions of plugins can be found in The Laboratory area of the website.

Sparrowhawke3D's Website is at:


Some of the links to files on Sparrowhawke3D website don't work. However, those files can be found by looking in the Indexes and Sub-Indexes for Downloads and Laboratory and that exist for the website.

The Indexes can be found at:

Index Downloads

Index Laboratory

FAQ About Sparrohawke3D's Plugins

Q: Do they work in Carrara 8?

A: Yes, beta versions can be downloaded that work in Carrara 8.

Q: Does a Mac version of them exist?

A: Yes, Mac versions exist for them.

Q: Are they totally free?

A: Yes, you can however thank the creator if you like by purchasing a DAZ or Renderosity gift certificate for the creator. See the Stuff section of Sparrowhawke3D's Website for more details on doing this.


Zygock made the free plugin YAToon (Yet Another Toon Shader for Carrara).

Zygock is working on a 2.0 version and you can download it and older versions.

The new YAToon site is at:

English Version:

Japanese Version

Older Versions Downloads (You need to copy and past the text given for it into to your web browser as the link doesn't work correctly because the form doesn't recognize " Versions?at=default" as being part of the link because of the space in the web address.) Versions?at=default

The Carrara Cafe has mirrored version of all the old version of YAToon.

The download link is at:

Carrara Cafe YAToon Download

FAQ About YAToon

Zygock has an image for a render done with the newer 2.0 version and has a tutorial showing how to use it that has pictures.

DutchWorkingMan has several videos on YouTube done using different programs or combinations of them to make animated movies with DAZ & Poser figures. One YAToon video does exist, but all the others are worth checking out too.. They can be found at:

DutchWorkinMan's YouTube Animation

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