Carrara EnvironKits

Carrara EnvironKits each have a Base Scene, which is the blank canvas that the presets were each built from. This base includes a full Carrara atmosphere using the Realistic Sky system and incorporates an artificial global illumination system built in, along with a volumetric cloud to add additional haze density and that gets replicated over cloud domes that have morphs built into them for animating storms coming or going or....

Then there's a base ground surface which is flat in the very center of the scene to make for easier use of animated poses and such. They also include a replicated Ocean primitive set up so that the waves are already animating at a fairly easy-on-resources setting that also looks great (See the Badlands Promo - the lava is the Ocean Primitive)

They also include a "Hero Light" setup to enhance whatever we drop into that group with additional lighting that doesn't affect anything else in the scene - to make it Pop.

Any of these systems are easily turned off or simply deleted.

Each of the following product pages include the original promo text from Daz 3D as well as the pdf user's manual