aniBlock Importer for Carrara

A simple to use importer to bring aniBlocks into your Carrara projects.

Speed your workflow by directly importing aniBlocks into Carrara. 

Using a character such as Victoria 4 and making sure her root is selected, choose file import and pick an aniBlock. 

The import is fast and efficient and entirely converted into Carrara key frames.

Check out the aniBlock Importer for Carrara at Daz 3D

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Nostalgic Fun!

This is a wonderful little promo that JonnyBravo created for the aniBlock Importer for Carrara

And this is JonnyBravo's aniBlock Importer for Carrara tutorial

As a total newb back then, I contacted JonnyBravo and started a conversation with him regarding which movie editor I should buy. Going from WinXP Pro to Windows 7 was a nice move, except that the free MovieMaker in XP was replaced with MovieMaker Live, which I never got used to.

I ended up getting the 30 day trial of Sony Vegas 9 and made this video with a pile of test renders that were on their way to the Recycle Bin. By the time I finished uploading it to YouTube, Sony had my money and Vegas was mine! Vegas is now developed by Magix and is a very powerful, yet easy to learn movie maker solution, though I've now switch to DaVinci Resolve.

Ladies and Gentlemen, test clips of a newbie - Just for Fun, by a very green Dartanbeck

As a complete newbie to movie editing, Vegas Movie Studio was Fantastic! I'm sure they still have these features, but back then the button was called "Show Me How". Clicking on that brought up a drop down and we could pick a topic we needed to learn about, and a really nice tutorial would start presenting itself directly within the working space - and even if we have changed our interface around, the tutorial was smart enough to know where everything is anyway, so it always just worked. 

I was amazed with how easy it was to learn how to do techniques that I've never even knew to exist. 

DaVinci Resolve's Free version is incredibly complete for a home filmmaker solution and has extensive training freely available as well. 

If you have any questions or comments, 

Reply to the thread - I monitor it often so answers come quickly!

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