Highly Detailed Excellence!

Some of my favorite CG scene pieces are made by Coflek-Gnorg - gritty and dark, these kits are very well designed and textured with an abounding imagination!

I've been collecting these for Years and they never get old or lose their appeal - Just Awesome!

The cover image of this page is a Carrara scene that I made using his products in a way that I can film cyberpunk or other futuristic scenes from this one preset. It's built up from pieces of several of his kits and I just love the whole look and feel of it.

◄   See it in action in this video.

Let's take a look at some of my Coflek-Gnorg collection:

...and then also 

This whole series works together to build cool spaceship interiors with an included exterior for the cockpit.

The feel of this place... so well used and worn!

Sci-Fi Streets Construction Kit

This thing is absolutely wonderful!

The building facades are incredibly detailed and very well thought out, with curtains and mini interior maps in the windows, the designs all work together and everything fits together in a really creative way.

It comes with streets and a nice selection of props for finishing off the section we're making.

It also looks great with his Above the Cyberpunk Streets and Cyberpunk Towers Construction Kit, so I use these all together to make varied sections of city.

I also use it with his Techno Town kits as well!

The entire "Razor Rider" series works nicely to give the gritty exteriors above the perfect interiors to match, and there's quite a nice assortment to choose from - this one being the Razor Rider - Hotel Reception

There are also corridors and rooms that match.

These TerraSpheres are pretty cool too! Great way to add a full 360 degree surrounding environment that can manipulated by hand, including individual tweaking of material shaders!

These are the three that I collected, but there are more in his store.

Coflek-Gnorg has some pretty cool solutions for scenes of outer space. 

Then he comes out with the idea to create some space wreckage and tossed in some asteroids for good measure. Later still he comes out with this beautiful Do-It-Yourself Armada kit, which has LoRez (but very nice looking) space ships in complete form as well as destroyed. The destroyed versions also include morphs to improve the scattering of the ship's blown-off pieces! :)

Both of these kits are a real blast!!!

Look Here Brother - Who you  Jivin' with that Cosmic Debris?      - F. Zappa

I've skipped over a Lot of his products, but I think that I at least gave a nice little look at some of the amazing art this man puts into his work, and the prices are nice and low - so be sure to thank him!

Now go browse through his wares and pick out something cool! :)

Use the Gizmo on the left (or the following links) to filter between the following:

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...and Have Fun Learning New Skills and Techniques!!!   :)

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