Fun with Shaders

One of my favorite aspects of working in Carrara is the Texture Room and all of the power it grants us.

There are numerous plugins available to us, most are even free now, that let us take our material-making processes even further!

Even without the added plugins, we can really make our surfaces shine, but having the ability to let our shaders determine where objects intersect, where their creases are, etc., and giving us the parameters to be able to determine what happens around these detections... well, that's even more special!

In Fun with Shaders, we'll explore some of my favorite ways to work with materials in the Texture room. We'll look at some of the basics that can give us a lot of mileage toward optimizing our content to look as we'd expect to see it in real life, and also take a look at some of the amazing plugins we have available to us.

I'll edit this page as we get going. For now it's just a landing page and storage container while I get some articles written. After which it shall become the main page as well as Table of Contents.

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