KitBash - Marcoor

Kitbashing can be an excellent way to turn several elements in your library into something else that you really wish you had.

With something as important as the Heroes' spaceship, silhouette can be even more important that the actual details of how it works - which is also important.

Star Ship Marcoor FG C4 is a great example of this. When I saw this ship (by RavnHeart at Daz 3D) I simply had to have it! It has appeared in many of my concept test shots over the years.

I never really had an issue with how it looks - I actually quite like it!

It was after watching another run through the great (cancelled) show, Firefly when I realized that I'd really like to have some big engines on each side that can rotate for landing, taking off, maneuvering, etc., but that was more of a passing thought than something I was truly chasing after.

I wasn't really after a better silhouette because this thing already looks pretty darned good. The only thing that didn't sit right with me was how compact the engines are, so not something I lost sleep over.

I just kept busy using the support products for the interior to design what this thing is like inside.

A Vision!

I also had a really cool drone flyer, Hunter Killer Drone by Cybertenko at Renderosity. Where a cockpit would be, this thing has a CPU (central processing unit), but this thing would make a great ship!

So I started actively looking for some sleek little cockpit-like vehicles that I could merge with this to make a star fighter sort of ship out of this thing.

I ended up buying a few things to try with this and all of them look great on this thing.

I love how Cybertenko added the awesome differential-like robust gear system for the engines and the shape of the tailpiece is just outstanding.

I didn't realize until a lot later that it was actually a thing from a later Terminator movie - but that's okay. It's not going to look like this when I'm done.

Wow, it's so cool how those massive engines rotate independently.

Wait... what? Hey!

Big ol' star ship engines that can rotate. I was looking for just such a thing!

As smooth of an operation as it looks like after seeing this finished model, I actually adjusted the scale and placement of this thing over several sessions after the initial save.

When I finally tweaked it to this stage I called it done - at least for now.

Rotating engines and a cool tailpiece with lights - I love it!

Being into animating scenes, I immediately just started playing with this thing in motion. This thing is so much more fun to animate now.

It wasn't until I was explaining this kitbash on the forum, using these six images when I realized how much different the silhouette is - I love it even more now!

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