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There are many great products that we wish we could use, but they are made for a different generation of figure than what we're using.

This guide is here to help instruct on methods I've been using which has allowed me to comfortably purchase conforming outfits made to fit older or newer generations for my own Genesis 1 characters. These same techniques can be used for any generation of Genesis figure.*

*I've not tested this for Genesis 8.1 yet

Let's cover some of the basics before we dig into to the actual conversion process.

Auto Fit

Auto fit or Fit To uses algorithms to convert from one figure to another as a one-off solution for the scene we're working in, and can be quite effective when we need it. Many Daz Studio and/or Carrara users know of no other way to perform such an action.

But what about the times when we want to actually make a converted figure that we can add to the library which is permanently altered to belong to our target figure? Read on!


Whether using Auto fit or following the instructions below, having clones for the various figures makes for the best conversions possible. There is another way, but we'd lose any morphs that come with the object being converted.

There are others, but my singular source for clones has been SickleYield at Daz 3d, except for those made by Daz 3d themselves. In my case using Genesis 1, Daz 3d was early in the clone business by offering clones for generations 3 and 4 for use with Genesis 1.

Gen 3 Iconic Shapes and Gen 4 Iconic Shapes not only add these classic legacy shapes to Genesis, but they also include the Clones for each of these legacy figures so that we can use those Gen 3 or 4 clothes, hair, etc., on our Genesis figures - and we can do that whether we're using these shapes or not!

I admit, I don't use the shapes themselves nor is that the reason I bought these bundles. I have a bunch of legacy clothing and wanted to use them on Genesis. It's worth every penny to be able to do that! In fact, I still buy Gen 3 and 4 clothing just for my work with Genesis!

Gen 3 Iconic Shapes comes with shapes and clones for A3, F3, G3, H3, M3 and V3, while Gen 4 Iconic Shapes comes with A4, F4, G4 and H4 since Genesis already comes with the clones for M4 and V4. The actual M4 and V4 shaping morphs can be purchased separately.

I've also picked up her SY Genesis 8 Clones for Genesis 3, which allows for a workflow from 8 to 3, then load in the new garment and convert it from 3 to Genesis 1. This will make more sense later!

SickleYield makes great products, true. But she also goes above and beyond with useful, helpful informational guides with them, which taught me a lot about everything I'm writing about on this page.

I love it when artists/vendors are that passionate about their products and customers to provide these extra details to help ensure success.

Her clones also include special versions of clone selection for custom options, likes skirts, for example - adding even more value to an already impressive product at a great price!

Conversion using Clones - My Favored Method

Instead of selecting the figure and then loading your garment from the library, which will launch the auto fit dialog, deselect the figure first, then load the product to be converted.

We don't need to have the actual figure that the clothing was meant for, loaded into the scene - but we do need the figure that we want to convert to.

So if we're fitting a Genesis 3 Female garment to a Genesis 2 Female figure, we only need Genesis 2 Female loaded in. Deselect her, then load in the Genesis 3 Female garment.

Now click this icon to launch the Transfer Utility. It should be on the right edge of the interface if using the City Limits or Self Serve layout options.

If you don't have the icon visible in your layout, Open scene tab options menu and choose: Assets → Transfer Utility.

Transfer Utility

Once launched, the Transfer Utility dialog pops into view.

First things first, click on "Show Options" so that the window expands as shown.

1 - Source 

Scene Item: This is the figure we want to convert to. 

Item Shape: If using a Clone, select it from this drop-down.

2 - Target

Scene Item: This is what we want to convert.

I prefer to leave Item Shape as Default, and leave everything else in it's default, loaded manner, except as noted in 3 and 4 below.

3 - Check Reverse Source Shape From Target

4 - Post Transfer Options

Check Fit To Source Figure. You may add a Content Type if you like. I never do.

Note: This is an older image that doesn't show the "Parent To Source Figure option. Removing the check from this makes it easier in the end to save the item to your library without having to unparent it first.

Warning: Do not test the item yet. In other words, don't change the pose of the figure or use any morph dials on either the figure nor the item. We must save the item to the library first. Read on.

Save First

It is very important to save the item to the library prior to making any changes whatsoever to either the figure or the converted item.

I prefer to save the new item in the clothing portion of the library meant for the figure that we've just converted it to fit for ease in finding and using it in the future - especially after some time has passes - we won't have to try and remember, but just browse as usual.

To save the item, go File > Save As > Support Asset > Figure/prop

The Save as Figure dialog opens. Fill out the titles, artist name, etc., to your liking and navigate to the proper location in the library. Let's do an example location:

I just converted an item called Alpha Shirt for Genesis 3 to Genesis 1, so when I save the converted shirt, I'll save it to My Daz 3d Library > People > Genesis > Clothing > (new folder) "Alpha" (considering that there may be other items in the collection) and name it "Alpha Shirt" or "Alpha Shirt Genesis", etc.,

Test the New Item

To test our new item, delete the newly converted item from the scene (after saving, of course) and then load in the new entry from the library - from the location we've just discussed above.

The reason we need to go through this is better explained in SickleYield's Clone products. But in short, messing with a freshly converted item can cause permanent damage to the mesh and must be converted from a fresh copy of the original if we fail to follow this procedure.

Therefore, if we convert something and find that it's just not working correctly, we likely messed with either it or the figure prior to saving and must start again from the start.

It's amazing how many outfits I've converted using this method, thanks to SickleYield! 


Rosie 5.5 wears Platina Armor for V3, by Aeon Soul (then Awful Soul); Onslaught Sisterhood Arm Armor for V4, by Aeon Soul (then Alpha Seed); Elf Age Light Panty for V4, by 4blueyes; Wild Wildenlander Boots for M3, by Luthbel; along with Age of Armour's Executioner Wrist Wraps that were actually made for Genesis 1. 

Her new Hair is dForce Classic Long and Curly Hair for Genesis 8 Female by Linday, which brings up our final word of note, below.

Genesis 8 to Genesis 2 or 1

At the time of this writing there is not a Clone that I'm aware of that is made to go from Genesis 8 to anything earlier than Genesis 3. So here's my solution:

As mentioned in the earlier Basics section of this article, I bought SY Genesis 8 Clones for Genesis 3 

This product is co-ed, so we can convert G8 Male or Female to Genesis 3 Male or Female, so it also works as a cross-gender conversion clone as well!

Convert Genesis 8 items to Genesis 3 and go through the whole process of saving the new item to the Genesis 3 Clothing library, then delete the newly converted item. 

Load in the new item from the library and convert that to Genesis or Genesis 2, and save that under the appropriate figure's Clothing library - done. Simple as that, and now we have and extra conversion for Genesis 3 if we need it - Bonus!


Using Fit Control for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female(s) allows the ability to add a whole slew of additional morphs, not just for fitting and adjusting for more realistic draping, but also for revealing, closing, raising, lowering, expanding and pinching important parts of the clothing for immense individuality! 

It's easy to use too:

With everything that we want morphs added to conformed to our figure, launch the script and it will add custom morphs to all conformed items! 

See more that we can do with Genesis 1 in my Genesis 1 Rocks! article and download my Genesis 1 MorphForms+ pack Here

I hope you enjoyed the article.

There's at least one other option for converting generations which we'll cover another time. It involves loading the item into a modeler as an OBJ mesh, so we lose any morphs that the item already has. We use the modeler to reshape the item to fit the figure we want it to fit and use the Transfer Utility to fit it to the figure, which will apply a rig and weight mapping as best it can. 

I've done this method for both conversion of simple items as well as clothing I've made myself - and it works pretty well without going any deeper into it than that. But for actual products to sell on a marketplace, we'd need to do a Lot more to it - the things that are already done using the lesson above.

Things like rigidity and JCMs (Joint Controlled Morphs that correct the shape of the item if 'x' is true) as well as tweaking the weight maps beyond the automated algorithm. 

With that said, that's all for now!

Have fun and keep animating and rendering!

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