Inagoni Plugins for Carrara are now Open Source!

The entire collection, including the Source Code can be downloaded here >>> Inagoni Plugins for Carrara MacOSX/PC

Inagoni plugins were developed for Carrara, distributed by Daz3D. They can be used on the Windows or the MacOSX version of Carrara

I already had most of them and I'm overjoyed not only because now I have them all, but because these awesome tools are now available to new users as well! Thank You So Much Inagoni!!!

Here's what they are:


is an advanced building modeler designed for 3D artists. Its UI has been especially conceived to make it intuitive, easy to learn and fun to use. Just a few clicks are necessary to create a complete building, and this new modeler being fully procedural, all its elements can be tuned and modified at any time during the construction process.


is a powerful procedural texture builder for Carrara. It contains more than 160 basic functions shared by 18 shaders that can be easily combined to create a huge variety of textures. Random Lines, Gradient, Grid, Weave, Tile, Fractal Noise are some of Velouté's shaders.

All Velouté's shaders implement their own bump mapping resulting in better looking effect than Carrara's default shaders.


contains the following volumetric primitives: Fire, Cloud, Smog, Rising Smoke. Through these primitive, Primivol can also render any 3D shader as a volume and can alter its shape with a set of modifiers and ramp-off functions. Lighting, self-shadow, density, color and many other parameters are accessible through the UI and can be precisely adjusted and animated.


is a texture baking tool. Using the UV mapping of an object, it can extract flat texture maps, light maps or normal maps from any Carrara shader. 


is a small rendering engine to produce normal map from a 3D scene.


clones objects in arrays or on existing surfaces, and each clone can even have a randomized or controlled position, scaling, orientation or even shading.


adds Free Form Deformation capabilities to Carrara. Shaper is a very handy deformer that allows you to deform any geometric object with a cubed grid of points.


can replace any kind of element in the scene hierarchy by another one: it can replace lights with cameras, cameras with lights, or any objects with another one.


(available as Source Code) was an OpenSceneGraph exporter for Carrara and was built at the time for Carrara 6 Windows. It was made for a specific use case but was never properly finished. The code is still available as a sample.

Even if you don't plan to code, grab the Source Code download because it contains the above information, source code tips, the license and valid Serial Codes for each plugin.

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