Using Genesis in Carrara

Also check out Character Design, which uses Genesis as the example figure in the tutorial

I also have a special page for using Daz Studio for creating content: Content Creation Tools

Genesis 1 is synonymous with saying Generation 5, so this family includes all of the characters who end in "5" as well as the "for Genesis" line of people, creatures, animals, etc.,

Integrating Genesis compatibility with Carrara was the ultimate goal of the Carrara 8.5 upgrade even though a whole slew of advancements and improvements came along for the ride.

One of the really cool things about Genesis 1 compared to any other figure is that it is completely unisex, so whatever person, creature, animal, etc., we make with it can easily be made into another version of the opposite sex! Really powerful!

Genesis 1 ROCKS! - Article by Dartanbeck

I think that the main reason for dumping this philosophy moving forward is that making support items, like clothing, hair, etc., became problematic beyond the original concept intentions.

Daz Studio 4.0, which released concurrently was built to assist with all of this, but it took the experience of having the masses of figure support artists to start working with it to realize its true difficulties and shortcomings.

However, it's still a very powerful and wonderful to use system - especially for the hobbyist and/or home filmmaker. We can simply model whatever we want around the base Genesis figure, bring it into Daz Studio (as OBJ) and use the Content Creation Tools* (CCT) to turn it into a fully conforming support item, which will then attempt to auto-follow any shape we apply to Genesis. ...Magic!

* Check out Josh Darling's YouTube channel for Excellent instructions on using the CCTs!

Before I get into more of my article, let's have a look at what Cripeman had to say about it when he first started using Carrara 8.5

The following is still an unedited work in progress - please bear with me ;)

Genesis 2 figures came out with amazing new base shapes and the support family of people for Genesis 2 were equally amazing and new. It meant that we'de now have to collect all new costumes, and that those would be more specific to gender - as were the rest of the support products, like shapes morphs and such whereas Genesis 1 female morphs would still work on the male Genesis, if we wanted to use it that way, for example.

Genesis 3 blew our minds even more but was soon bowled over by Genesis 8, which sported a whole new default A-pose as opposed to the T-pose we all got used to - especially support item artists.

Genesis Generation X2 is a magical product that adds an interface into Daz Studio which allows us to (very easily) add morphs from Generation 4 figures (Victoria 4, Michael 4, Aiko 4, etc., etc.,) to Genesis. It's as simple as: if we have the morph product and can add it to the intended Generation 4 figure, we can add it to Genesis and make it part of Genesis' usual morph selection.

Addons for Genesis Generation X2 (GenX2 from now on) came out for adding the ability to use Generation 3 (V3, M3, A3, etc.,), and then Genesis 2 (Generation 6) and then Genesis 3 (Generation 7 figures), making it possible for us to use the more modern 3D shapes with the legacy Genesis - the Genesis that is fully supported in Carrara 8.5!

There are workarounds to get newer versions of Genesis into Carrara and use them. Genesis 2 is actually pretty easy for the most part, but then comes Genesis 3, which is a whole new pile of workaround to figure out, and Genesis 8 is even tougher.

Many folks don't mind going through the headaches involved, and go ahead and bring in Genesis 3 and/or 8 figures and shoot their renders. Others, like me prefer to stick more with what's best compatible - try and reduce the chance of error and frustration as we work.

Either way, there are possibilities.

As you may have gathered from reading other things by me, I don't have an abundance of time. So that's one of the biggest reasons for me to try and stick with the easiest methods possible. This isn't to say that I don't put a lot of effort into my characters. I do spend a lot of time designing and working with my characters to get them the way I like them both in shape, shaders and functionality - and then store them into my Carrara browser and often tweak on them more as I feel a need to.

I have been a Genesis fan from the start, although it did take me a long time before I (just very recently) officially switched my main two protagonists from Generation 4 to Genesis. I was using Genesis to design creatures and other people, but there was always some kind of something blocking my way from getting my Rosie and Dartanbeck characters to make the change.

That something was GenX2, which completely changed the game for me for Genesis... Again!

Genesis 3 & 8 figures in Carrara

That all being said, MistyLaraCarrara, at Renderosity has created Presets for Genesis 3 Male and Female for use in Carrara. Install Janette and Johnathon for Genesis 3 in Carrara 8.5, and your Genesis 3 morphs will work on them as well - and they work in Carrara!

Here are the free beta versions for Genesis 8:

There is some workarounds to get the content for them working, however. Best to visit the Carrara Discussion Forum over at Daz 3D for that and, while you're there you can also pick up the free demo of the Genesis 8 Male and Female for Carrara as well!!!

Okay so the main issues that I can think of right now are that Genesis 3 and 8 hair and clothing will not work as they are when purchased - we must make a simple change to them and save (with a new name or in a new location - I use the same location as where Janette and Johnathon reside in a Clothing folder, and then a new folder for more broad categories. This thing that we must do is to:

  • Open the item in Daz Studio and make sure it's selected

  • Edit > Figure > Rigging > Convert Triax/General Weights to Blended

  • File > Save As > Support Asset > Figure (something)

  • Navigate to where you want the item in your Daz 3D Library

  • Fill out the form in the dialog if you want, but leave the default compatibility settings alone

  • Done

Like I said, it's not a big deal. I haven't done a lot of this yet, so it's best you head to the forum before just jumping into this because I think there's still some kind of issues with shoes or somesuch...

Like I said, I'm happy just going easy on myself with Genesis 1 and GenX2, but the newer ARE better in many regards. So Genesis is better than V4 and M4 and family, Genesis 2 is better than Genesis, Genesis 3 is better than 2, and Genesis 8 is the current World Champion of them All! be continued...

Much More to Come on This Subject!

This stuff also works for Genesis 1 :)

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