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Don't have Bone Minion Yet? This can at least get you to Genesis 3

zaz777's amazing animated pose conversion script along with the necessary rsg's "Updated: Daz Studio Posing Scripts (now for G3F)" available on has brought great results for me over the couple years I've been working in Daz Studio for animation. Bone Minion does a much better translation, but if you can't get that yet, this is an Excellent system to get earlier generation animated pose data onto your newer (up to Victoria 7 that comes standard in the pack) figures.

Also - the required RSG pose conversion script package comes with excellent instructions that just might help you create your own addon that supports new generations. I haven't tried that and probably won't since I already have many Bone Minion Bundles and will eventually own them all. I am a Completely Satisfied and Overjoyed customer of Riversoft Art's Bone Minions!!!

See my Cross-Generation Animation Translation using Bone Minion for a lot more information on this stuff :)

What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

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When this goes live at Daz 3D, I have the complete workflow that I use within the course

Coming Soon to Daz 3D!!!

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In honor of the Wonderful People who enjoy what I do enough to offer support, This Appreciation Page is For You!

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I don't do subscription plans, but AVFX+ is much different - if you cancel, you keep what you got! But they also offer non-subscription sales as well - which is Brilliant! Check them out!