This two-part video tutorial series is an essential guide for DAZ Studio users seeking to improve their content library management. The first video "DAZ Studio DIM Workshop," presented by Dartanbeck, delves into efficient content management, covering topics such as optimizing scene loading, managing DAZ and Poser content, and utilizing the DAZ Install Manager for effective content organization. It's particularly insightful for users looking to enhance their workflow and storage efficiency in DAZ Studio. Contributions also from Slater Lewis and Steve Plane.

The bonus video "DAZ Studio Content Library Workshop" by IceDragonArt (Sonia McClung), offers a personal perspective on organizing a vast content library. Sonia shares strategies for categorizing content for workflow improvement, managing content on external drives, and evolving category hierarchies to reflect individual workflow needs. This tutorial is invaluable for users aiming to streamline their content organization and access in DAZ Studio.

Together, these tutorials provide a wide range of tips and techniques for managing and optimizing a DAZ Studio content library, catering to both new and experienced users. 

We are going to show you how to manage your DAZ Studio Content so that you can…

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