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This is where I'll keep a whole pile of information regarding Carrara software and how it works, what it likes and doesn't like, and offer as many possibilities that I have time to share. 

I have a lot to talk about in this regard. Have I mentioned that I really enjoy using Carrara? I did... but I really cannot say that enough. I really, Really enjoy using Carrara.

I feel that, for those of us who want to make CG using Poser or DAZ 3D figures, especially if we want to do it all on our own on a very limited budget, Carrara is the perfect solution - even though it's not on a persistent development cycle. So we don't have the very latest technology in the industry. Big deal. It works with technology that really rocks for what we want to do.

Keep in mind that, aside from everything you'll find here, Carrara is so vast that you can always be certain that you can go into Carrara and find a LOT more options, functions and features available to you.

Check out the Dartanbeck Articles Page

That said, I'd like to urge anyone reading this to head on over to the Carrara Discussion Forum at, where you'll find a living community of Carrara users asking questions, finding answers, sharing thoughts, sharing rendered images, offering advice, competing in challenges, etc., etc., and sometimes just being silly and friendly!

Learning CARRARA and need some help?   -   a thread by Dartanbeck

One of our intrepid forum members also created another forum to focus directly on Animating in Carrara, covering all manner of topics in this vast subject without the scrutiny of the Daz3d forum moderation - CARRARATORS - Come on in, sign in, introduce yourself, and join in on the fun!

If you're new to Carrara and would like to read a great "Getting Started" thread about bringing in Genesis for the first time and going on and on from there, I can't recommend this thread enough, by forum member Diomede: No one asked me

The Carrara Cafe page is my brief write-up on another excellent site focussing strictly on Carrara. The hard-working staff is always posting the latest news and eager to assist its members. I love the Cafe!

They have great articles and news casts as well as tutorials and project demonstrations, Galleries, downloads and the wonderful C3DE (Carrara 3D Expo) Magazines!

Check out my friend, Vyusur's amazing, realistic original figures and Daz 3d supplements!

►►► Carrara Information Manual ◄◄◄ is a forum thread that I started long ago - even before Carrara 8.5 was officially released. It was my attempt to create a sort of links thread combined with articles I've written myself to help show people what they might use Carrara for - from new user or someone looking to purchase, to even seasoned users looking for other techniques or inspiration. 

I've written a little about the idea behind the manual thread here.

Just an FYI: There's a thread in the forum regarding things that don't entirely work in Carrara to come up with work-arounds to fix it: Buy Something That Doesn't Work in Carrara? Post your Questions and Workarounds here 

Phil Wilkes Carrara Courses - Learn Carrara like Never Before!

and there's also the amazing 3DXtract e-zine Collection

So Let's Begin

I'll do my best to organize this as I write it into an order that makes sense to someone just starting out with, or considering Carrara which should help to make navigating a bit easier - but this might eventually create a bit of reorganization as the site progresses. 

Table of Contents

This will cover the basics to help make sure we don't miss anything... knowing what is needed right from the start. We'll also expand from here to discuss other forms of installation, like Daz Studio Content installation vs Poser Runtime structures as well as various methods of handling how Carrara-Specific purchased content can be installed and then found within Carrara's browser.

Forum Help!!! Links

This is a living help system because the links lead to forum threads about the topic in question. It's quite common for folks who were part of such a discussion to 'follow' the thread, so they'll get an e-mail if someone makes a fresh post, but the topic will also rise to the top of the forum listings again, to capture the attention of the current forum readers - so if the thread doesn't already answer your specific question, make a new post and further the thread with new queries!

Genesis - Carrara 8.5 - DIM Support Thread Links

Got questions about Genesis use in Carrara, DIM use for installing?

This page lists links to threads that have answered many questions to common problems 

Learning CARRARA and need some help?   -   a thread by Dartanbeck

Phil Wilkes Carrara Courses - Learn Carrara like Never Before!


see Cripeman's videos on Lighting & Rendering

GKDantas has some great demonstrations on using lights


On the right is Jeremy Birn's incredible book: Digital Lighting & Rendering, which is a strongly suggested resource for anyone wanting to improve their CG imagery!


Philip Staiger, one of the developers of Project Dogwaffle, is a huge Carrara fan. He used to work for Eovia when they took over Carrara and released version 2! He loved it then and it remains to be his favorite 3d tool to this day! No wonder. Carrara rocks!

I am really growing to enjoy the unlimited resources found at - There are tutorials galore, for many various apps for many different techniques. The videos conducted by Philip are my favorite of them due to his immense knowledge combined with his wonderful personality. 

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Digital Lighting & Rendering

This is truly a Must-Have Book!!!


On the right is Jeremy Birn's incredible book: Digital Lighting & Rendering, which is a strongly suggested resource for anyone wanting to improve their CG imagery!


PhilW's topic listed above: Linear Workflow - Gamma Correction = 2.2 is really informative regarding adopting a Linear Workflow. Later he released an educational course: Realism Rendering in Carrara, which uses and emphasizes some of the many points of topic described in this book.

These pages will demonstrate how to locate, load, and optimize our content for use in Carrara, and then store this into our Carrara browser. 

Once we've taken the time to optimize content for Carrara, let's save the changes we've made to our browser. While we're at it we can also create a nice system that works best for our individual needs.

Basic walkthrough of designing your own custom runtime structure 

Comprehensive List of Video Tutorials on Carrara - by FractalDemensia

The purpose of this thread is to collect, consolidate, and make available a comprehensive list of all video tutorials available on Carrara. 

Use the Gizmo on the left (or the following links) to filter between the following:

Blacksmith 3D       *  Daz Studio        *  Poser        *  Reality        *  Reallusion        *  Sixus 1 

...and Have Fun Learning New Skills and Techniques!!!   :)

Just a stroll down memory lane - Well.. research for me since I only came aboard with Carrara 8, though to get it, I also own 6.5 and 7   I'd love to eventually own all of them, just for a nice nostalgic collection on its own shelf in my studio/office.

Also check out:

History of Carrara by Ringo Monfort 

Carrara User's Manual


I love this manual. 

Before buying the software I downloaded it, printed it out (all 864 pages of it!!!) and bound it in a giant three-ring binder. 

Great resource for when you're waiting for that animation render - kick back, pick a topic and read! Rinse and repeat ;)

Carrara Keyboard Shortcuts 

Courtesy of Daz 3d and rk66 from the Carrara Cafe for recovering it, here is the wonderful Keyboard Shortcuts Reference Guide in a lovely chart form!

Thanks rk66 for finding this lost archive, and special thanks to the fine folks at Daz 3D for putting it all together!


Have a Question? Just Ask!

I love to help others as best I can. This is a rather broad topic: CG Filmmaking, so my articles on any particular topic may not answer your specific question.

Most of the questions directed to me are regarding Carrara or How did I do this?

For these sorts of things, post your question at the Carrara Discussion Forum (or another appropriate category) at Daz forums, and if I don't see it right away, someone else might. They are such a friendly and helpful bunch! I've learned so much from that forum over the years!

For a more immediate question directed to me, log into those forums and Send me a PM!

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