2023 was an exciting year for me!

I've unlocked a powerful new animation workflow within Daz Studio and I've been having a Blast working with it and building upon it - putting it all to use with the idea of getting better and better with it so that I have to push this whole thing deeper into the next big epiphany that takes us to the next level!

In the meantime, I'm having an Absolute Blast using what I've developed and advancing that whole system using the exact same principals that I describe and demonstrate in my 2023 workflow courses.

There's a lot to explain, and I was having major difficulty putting it all into text with illustrations....

Paul Bussey at Digital Art Live gave me the opportunity to tell my story - share my workflow via online instruction and video courses!

So we're planning a bunch of Live Webinar events moving forward. 

Digital Art Live

Meeting Paul Bussey, being introduced to the amazing experience that is the Digital Art Live Studio forums, and then meeting the folks in there has been a real treat for me! I am and shall forever be grateful to Philip Staiger of Project Dogwaffle for initiating this whole path for me! 

Digital Art Live has a plethora of great course topics both Live Webinar/Personal Training courses as well as packaged course content available at Daz 3D. They're all quite interesting and fun - as well as educational. 

In addition to that, their Studio forum is a great place to hang out and learn, be dazzled with incredible art, find out about new tools, resources, techniques, and upcoming webinars, etc., as well as to share our own experiences so that others might learn from them.

Visit my Digital Art Live Page, here at Dartanbeck.com

This is a couple of homework projects I did for Digital Art Live's PD Howler Deep Dive class I took. What a Blast!!!

For 2023 

...I began with the bulk of how I've made animation in Daz Studio my Favorite method of animation - Ever!

Like everyone trying to begin animation work in Daz Studio, I was struggling. But I knew that was going to happen. I wanted to Create (not wait for) a method of animation that Talks to Daz Studio, because I already knew that it's not really set up with the same timeline controls and features as a traditional animation software.

The answer hit me like a storm one day, but it still took a few months of working with the idea before the full method took shape.

It was when I decided to redesign Rosie into a different generation of Genesis when I decided to build a relatively complete set of these tools right from the start. I build these into the base of that generation Daz Figure and save it as a group of figure assets so that they work with All characters of that version of Genesis. 

Hence was born Rosie 7 

...as we've come to know her!

The base set really proved the system to be a Massive success! 

Although I wasn't thinking along this avenue at the time, what the system actually does is mimic the affect of graph editor edits, but using dials on the figure throughout the timeline - on their own line, giving the changes their own key frames that can be easily seen and manipulated, leaving the original motion capture occupy every frame in the timeline, if we allow it to.

Since the changes are made using dials separate from the actual joint rotation, we can ease them in and out or go in entirely different directions without the need to delete interpolation ranges of keys, nor are we required to figure out a new curve on the graph's spline. 

We're making our own new edits to the overall poses in a simple to interpolate manner - which has the added benefit of allowing us to be as creative as we want with our edits - it's all nondestructive to the original motion, and we don't have to drill into the hierarchy of every single joint rotation we want to edit - just change a simple dial on the character!

Like I said - tough to type. It's a lot more beneficial to Show you.

The Dynamic Character Animation Course

So to present this workflow in a way that I thought would be easiest to pick up on and use is to make a different kind of course than the usual structure of a tutorial:

I begin with an edited screen capture of myself working through an entire custom animation, using a good example animation idea to cover the complete workflow process.

Not too sophisticated to make the demonstration overly long or too complicated, yet planning out enough changes to truly show how this all works.

That takes up three videos - from starting with an unposed character, through a custom animation process, setting up for cloth and hair simulations, rendering, and finally a basic composite of the final sequence over a backdrop image.

There Has to be a Beginning

A couple of animation/simulation examples I put together to prove in the forums that I was successfully animating in Daz Studio and simulating using its dForce cloth physics engine...

Rosie 7 Demo

...which led to doing more of a demo reel

The videos that follow in Part 2 are tutorials and demonstrations to show how to perform the tasks demonstrated in the first three videos. So one could actually learn a lot by skipping the workflow entirely - though I think that the captured workflow is essential to the learning. Within it I explain how I overcome some of the common hiccups that we run into. These issues were headaches for the longest time. Developing simple methods of dealing with them turns these issues into non-issues.

So with all of this laid out along with the two behind-the-scenes bonus features, 

I feel that this is an Essential start of an animator's journey into Daz Studio.

Why Would We?

So that we can use our Daz Content how we intended to in the first place - In Daz Studio, having Maximum compatibility working beautifully with our visions, rendered using Iray and the beautiful Iray materials that we get with this amazing content. Why change all of that? We paid for it, we should get the Most performance we can from it!

Dynamic Character Animation Page @ Dartanbeck.com

A Digital Art Live Experience 

Now Available at Daz 3d - a Special new educational course that I've been anxious to share with everyone.

Paul Bussey, from Digital Art Live, offered an amazing opportunity for me to tell my story of how I've unlocked the key to a super-easy approach to animating in Daz Studio - something that a majority of animators consider to be nearly impossible, and for good reason. Daz Studio is set up differently than traditional animating software, making it feeling clunky, even unfriendly to folks who are used to animating.

Well such a thing is difficult to tell in a few words or even a single article here on the site. It's something that needs to be seen, worked through, demonstrated.

Paul's offer is just that. He loves seeing other artist's work and he has a wonderful drive at helping artists learn new skills to better themselves at what they want to do. In that, we are both incredibly similar, for those are my goals as well!

So we got together through several video conferences and built a solid idea on how to go about this beneficial workflow.

The result is a course that takes us from a full animation workflow from start to end, followed by individual tutorials related to the techniques used within the workflow.

It is our hope that this will be an exciting adventure for anyone who wishes to enjoy a Wonderful Experience Animating in Daz Studio!

Here are some videos I put together to promote the course

Rosie 8

Massive Data Crash

After the release of that first course, I suffered a mechanical hard drive failure without having proper backups, and lost literally years and years (at least ten) of work!

Custom characters (including Rosie 7), texture maps, scenes, renders, completed videos... Everything!!!

Immediately I set out to rebuild Rosie 7 before I had remembered how truly custom she really was! She had morphs from V4, S4, A4, G4, Genesis 1 and 2 brought in via GenX2, and all of her expressions and a good part of her shape was derived from those morphs under the hood and incorporated in a way that, by the time I'm actually using her to animate, all of that stuff was mostly hidden from the User Facing files.

I was willing to start over - even happy to. But I took this opportunity to create Rosie 9 with the new Genesis 9 that had just come out. No luck.

While I did get a cool looking character, she crashes Daz Studio very regularly when I try to perform animation work. That simply won't work.

I had a similar experience with Genesis 8.1

So was born Rosie 8 - and I like her even More than Rosie 7! She's fun, adventurous, fearless, whimsical, good-natured, and like her predecessor - she's a True Hero - like the amazing woman she's based off of - my Beautiful, Wonderful Wife! :)

Fun News!!!

I've been invited to join Jay Versluis as a special guest on the Daz+ Pro Artist Series* this Saturday, September 30th!

We'll be sharing our many tips and tricks for Animating in Daz Studio - showing how much fun it can truly be!

Tools, techniques, workflows... Jay and I have been friends for a lot of years - so this should be a really interesting and fun session, and I'm Really looking forward to it!

* Daz + Pro Artist Series is a Live Stream offered by Daz 3d as a benefit to being a Daz + member, and therefore is only available to logged in Daz + members. A back catalog of streams is also available within the sticky topics in the Daz + Members Only forum.

It was a lot of fun! The many folks who joined us were great! I hope we can all hang out again sometime! Definitely more stuff in the works from this guy, that's for sure!

The GIFs on the right are a sized down example of something I put together to explain a few things.

I must say, I'm really having a Blast with this!!!

I have created a special thread at Daz 3d to answer any questions if you have any. Of course, this is a service for Daz + members so you have to be logged in as a member or the link will take you to a Sorry! page. 

Sept 30th Live Stream - Animation Tips with Dartanbeck

Daz + Pro Artist Series

#19 - Animating Tips and Tricks with Dartanbeck

Daz + Members can view the fun time Jay Versluis and I had with a nice crowd of enthusiasts with this link

(the page won't show without a signed-in Daz + account)

The Power of aniMate 2

It was after I released the Dynamic Character Animation course when I started noticing that a lot of people aren't aware of the powerful animation tools we get from aniMate 2 in Daz Studio.

I started a thread at Daz 3D to help explain it all. But like everything else, seeing and experiencing is a lot easier to grasp for a lot of folks, myself included.

So I contacted Paul Bussey and inquired about doing a course on that and thus was born: The Power of aniMate 2 in Daz Studio, which began as a two-day Webinar and evolved into a Daz 3D course. 

In putting this all together, I've added more usefulness of aniMate 2 to my own workflow - which is Awesome! We should always learn something new whenever we teach! :)

The Power of aniMate 2 page @ Dartanbeck.com

Let's get focused on mastering “aniMate 2” in DAZ Studio! AniMate 2 combines a user-friendly interface with sophisticated features, making it a valuable and core tool for animating your visual stories. 

Dartanbeck uses AniMate 2 at the heart of his workflow and reveals in this tutorial set how to make the most of this and other hyper-useful tools such as LimbStick, Bone Minion and Mixamo for effective animation storytelling in DAZ Studio.

This tutorial set by Dartanbeck is for you if...

This is for you if you want to accomplish:

The Power of aniMate 2 - at Daz 3D

Total tutorial set running time: 5 hours and 1 minute

The Power of aniMate 2 page @ Dartanbeck.com

What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

Check out My Digital Art Live page

Check out Digital Art Live 

Join The Digital Art Live Forum (Free)

Starry Sky Iray for Daz Studio

During the Massive Holiday Sale at Daz 3D I ended up acquiring a product I've wished for, but was always well out of my reach - the Space Battle Fleet Bundle, by Polish. The bundle comes with three heavy battle cruisers, a squadron of fighter jets and a pack of planets and asteroids.

Of course, this all means that I Have to make a space scene!

I had a lot of fun making it but, just like my early Carrara days, I really don't care for the look that I get from using a static image mapped onto a sphere for representing space. That may be what everyone else seems to be doing, but I don't care for it myself.

So the end of 2023 saw the beginning of a new version of my first Carrara product, Starry Sky for Carrara - Starry Sky Iray for Daz Studio!

Here's an article I wrote about it on Linked-In: 3D Space for Daz Studio and Iray

Below, the first video is before I had the notion to create Starry Sky Iray for Daz Studio - and is what inspired me to do so. Stars should always appear as brilliant points of light in space - never blurry.

The space scenes that follow that, use clips from the first video combined with some tests of the very earliest WIP of Starry Sky Iray.

Updates since the above videos were made, Starry Sky Iray for Daz Studio is really coming together! :)

And Last but not Least...

That's All I have for 2023 Videos