There are many reasons that any of us get into this sort of work or play - and I think that Everybody has a different combination of them. So when I say that "Carrara 8.5 Pro is my Favorite reason to turn on a computer", I'm saying that about myself. Affordability is an issue for me - but beyond that, the main reasons why Carrara is perfect for me truly are exclusive to Carrara. So my choice is made right there!

Now let's say that you're looking for an occupation in the industry or at least want to work along the same path. For this the choices become a lot more clear - especially if you can afford it. The Autodesk lineup of creative visual software has been a top standard from the start - and that accentuates as each year passes - with constant development toward answering the many calls from the many major facilities who use them and everything is at stake.


Two of the most widely used 3D modeling/animation applications in the industry:

Maya Try for Free!

Protect your hard work!

Protect your Identity!

Optimize Performance!

AVG - Top Protection & Performance

AVG - A Name You Can Trust!