Ryan Connolly's Film Riot channel has been an inspiration to budding filmmakers since 2009 and continues to grow in content, popularity and excellence.

It's a great place to learn about professional filmmaker techniques through the eyes of experimentation and implementation as Ryan talks about and shows us how it's supposed to be done along with DIY methods to achieve the process with very limited means - and a whole lot more.

The wide open architecture of the channel allows them to shuffle around from topic to topic, whether actually related or not, and then pop in a really fun short film with behind the scenes episodes on making it. Absolutely Brilliant!

My first introduction to the channel came from the VFX class I attended to show a particular set of great tutorials and demonstrations using HitFilm Express, the free version of this great software. 

Here's that first series that I saw:

Portal Combat Short Film

Aerial Footage & Sound

Of course, just as you were all thinking... yes. This made me a big fan of Ryan's little sister, Emily, who is an excellent little "Bad-Ass" actress!

So I start looking for episodes with her in them and find some really cool videos!

I enjoy these older Film Riot episodes as much as I cherish the new ones! And, yes. There are a lot more with the amazing Emily Connolly in them! :)   Josh (Ryan's brother) is awesome as well. In fact, they're all very talented and fun!

This one from 2012 is about lighting a scene. While he's using real lights and camera, the techniques are also perfect for 3D CG scene renders.

And this one isn't just plain fun - well... it is... but it also helps to sell a point that I try to make from time to time - we don't need to have full 360 degree scenes - just the elements we "see".

From script writing tips to production schedules, music, sound and VFX tips, this channel is Immense in learning and fun!

I really enjoy this simple yet effective breakdown on story structure. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Head over to Ryan Connolly's Film Riot channel and browse around for topics or even full playlists that fit what you're thinking about or working on and get some really great advice!

Sometimes I just pop in and grab any of the many playlists and just let them lay through. Highly entertaining stuff!

Celebrate 1,000 episodes on the Twelfth Year Anniversary, 

How awesome is that?!!!