Frederic Rible

These are very cool, very powerful plugins!

Also, scrolling down further will reveal FractalDimensia's PySwarm for PyCloid for Carrara along with some tutorial/demo videos!

Frederic Rible

Fredric Rible has created 2 fee plugins for Carrara. They are Pycarrara and PyCloid.

PyCarrara can be downloaded at:


PyCloid can be downloaded at:


FAQ About PyCarrara

Q: Does a Carrara 8 version exist? The PyCarrara Website indicates it is for Carrara 7.

A: PyCarrara has versions for Carrara 6, Carrara 7, and Carrara 8. All the versions are in the latest PyCarra zip file.

Q: I installed the plugin, but it isn't working. What can I do to get it to work?

A: You need to install Python 2.6.6 for your computer Click on the link in the PyCarrara User Manual that downloads the installer you need. If you go to the Python Website you could download a different version. The plugin has in the past not worked for some people if they had a different version of Python 2.6.x installed.

Q: Can I have multiple versions of Python installed on my computer?

A: You can as long as they are not interfering with one another or overwriting each other. It you do install multiple versions to check and see if everything is working after you install another version Python, so you know which version(s) to uninstall and not have on your computer.

Q: Does it work with Mac?

A: Only a Windows version is available.

FAQ About PyCloid

Q: Does a Mac version exist?

A: Only Windows versions are available.

I have a Playlist available to watch all of these demos one right after the other:

PyCloid Demos Playlist

PySwarm for PyCarrara (V0.6) Released 01/25/2013

PySwarm for PyCarrara is a Python script specifically designed and written to be used with DAZ3D Carrara’s plug-in PyCarrara to manipulate and render realistic swarming object and other similar forms of group behavior in Carrara. (Read about how to install PyCarrara at the end of this post.)

Latest Version

V0.6 of PySwarm for PyCarrara is now available.


You can get the latest information about downloading and installing the required components of PySwarm with the following link:

Download the Latest PySwarm Package

Note that PySwarm now comes with an installer package to make installation easier.

Be sure to follow the link to the wiki page on the installation procedure:

PySwarm Installation and Removal Procedures


The contents of the V0.6 package includes:

* Revised PIA (V2)

* New PySwarm script shell (V0.6)

* Six demo .CAR and PySwarm project parameter files to study, experiment, learn from, and expand

Note that PIA V1 and previous versions of PySwarm will no longer be supported.

V0.6 Enhancements:

The details of the modifications to this release can be found:

PySwarm Release Notes

Online Users Guide

You can access the general Users Guide here:

PySwarm Users Guide (Main_Page)

I will continue to expand the online guide.

To read about PIA, you can find a complete section here:

PySwarm Interface Application (Main_Page)

I have started a troubleshooting page designed to offer suggestions when encountering problems with installing Python and PyCarrara, using PIA, and importing PySwarm scripts. I will continue to add to this page.

Troubleshooting PySwarm

Special thanks to Philemo, who provided insights about how to code the MAX_TURNING rule, suggestions on CONTAINMENT coding, and ideas for redesigning the script. Anyone else interested in participating please post here or email me! My email address is:

Also, special thanks to Philemo, Dartanbeck, PhilW, EP, DUDU, 0Oseven, and all those who have offered encouragements, ideas, and suggestions about how to advance this product. Please keep the thoughts and ideas coming! I look forward to seeing posts in this thread showing what you have done with PySwarm!


Version History:

0.3: Initial release (10/25/2013)

0.3.1: Bug fix when no camera or focus are used (10/25/2013)

0.3.2: Bug fix when using "Attractor" object (10/29/2013)

0.4: New features added (11/4/2013)

0.4.1: Four bug fixes (11/18/2013)

0.4.2: Slight enhancements (12/11/2013)

0.5: Major release (12/29/2013)

0.5.1: Bug fixes (01/02/2014)

0.5.2: Several enhancements and bug fixes (01/16/2014)

0.6: Major release (01/25/2014)

I'll continue to publish update releases and more demos to this thread in the future. This header post will provide links to the latest versions. Some of the features currently be working on are listed at the end of the Users Guide.


Please post any issues, comments, and questions you have about PySwarm in this thread.

Happy swarming!

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