Physics & Particles

Physics & Particles can be a powerful and exciting way to add animation to our scenes. Carrara has several physics options: the legacy physics engine, the Bullet physics engine, and Bullet Soft Body physics along with what's available in the Particles Emitter engines.

As I've spent years practicing key frame animation with limited time, I am fairly new to using Physics in Carrara. So we'll be learning a lot of this stuff together. To help, I'm building this page with loads of links to tutorials, examples and videos as a resource to learn from.

Forum Help!!! Links

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This list will grow as I find more content for us to learn from.

Cripeman's Cool Carrara Tricks Tutorials and Demonstrations

GXMediaStudios also has a short YouTube tutorial available at HERE (req's free account)

We'll be exploring deeper into this stuff in the future. For now, I hope this page gives us plenty to practice with.

One of my first particles tests - done Years ago

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