dB Animation Kits

Another product line sold at Daz 3d back in the day was my dB Animation Kits

I am proud to announce that they, too are now freely available via Dartanbeck.com!

These downloads are the official products that used to be sold at Daz 3D, as the Install Manager (DIM) would download them - so if you use DIM, you can simply drop these .zip files directly into DIM's Downloads folder and run DIM (Install tab, as they've already been downloaded) to install them.

On a Windows PC, the DIM downloads folder is

  • Drive

  • Users

  • Public

  • Public Documents

  • DAZ 3D

  • InstallManager

  • Downloads

dB Animation Kit 1 for Mil Dragon 2

Daz 3d's Millennium Dragons 1 and 2 are incredible fantasy beasts with an enormous variety of shapes and other morphs to make all manner of different dragon types.

They can be a bit of a beast to work with, however. So when I wanted to make an animation pack, I wanted to begin with Mil Dragon 2.

From deep within the heated core of the world's deepest mountain caves an ancient creature stirs in her lair - awakened by meddlesome adventurers out to make a name for themselves.

dB Animation Kits are helpful and easy-to-use collections of animated PZ2 files designed to used by themselves, or linked together to create a longer animation render. dB Animation Kit 1 for the Millennium Dragon 2 contains animated poses to help move your dragon through its lair with a "lurking" walk cycle which works equally well for caves and tunnels as well as on land. Animate your dragon to move into a defensive stance or leap into the air and take to flight! Also included are the left-only and right-only portions of the walk and transitions to add further flexibility of joining the animations together.

This kit only includes Poser PZ2 animated pose files, which work in Poser, Daz Studio and Carrara

Swordworks for Michael 4

My second Animation Kit was a fun thing to do - making fantasy swordplay animations for putting some good old barbaric action into our animated renders!

As our character creations vary in size and shape, the clashing of swords two-figure set may require a little extra work to have them clash correctly.

If they do need a tweak, it's easy in Carrara. Simply pick the spot in time when the swords should clash, move the base level of one of the characters to the correct position, then drag that keyframe to the beginning of the sequence. In Daz Studio, simply copy the key and paste it at the beginning using the copy/paste controls on the bottom of the timeline.

Swordworks for Michael 4 is a collection of animated sword swipe files to get M4 slicing his way into action. By keeping the camera up close and personal, you should be able to render out a wealth of battles back and forth amidst any and all of your sword-wielding action heroes with this kit. But then there are those times when you just need them to clash and interlock, right? I've included a "Clash" sequence. Load "A" to one and "B" to another to have two M4 figures lock their swords!

There are also some threatening actions as well. What's a good sword battle without a bit of taunting?

Please note: In the following video, the marching, running and fall down animations are not included - they are sold in this store by GoFigure!

* Swords and figures Not Included

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