What Happened on Odysseon Station?

Not abandoned, but...


Something happened to Odysseon Station and we're going to try and figure out what that was.

To build the sets, I began my collecting with the Landing Bay, Storage Bay, Security Checkpoint, Computer Room, Reactor Chamber and Medical Lab.

Note - these are promo images, not renders of my own

Each of these sets come fully loaded or as parts, and each include a spacious corridor environment filled with Sci Fi detail.

For example, this (below) is the entranceway to the Computer Room. With this many cool corridors already, the actual corridors of the product line sat in my wishlist, always opting for another large setting kit instead.

These are promo images. Wait until you see it with Carrara glass in that huge window!

Just from these images I'm sure you can see that these kits are easy and fun to light. So many glowing things makes lighting super easy!

PC+ Sale Expansion

After seeing how nicely these sets set up in Carrara (So easy to optimize with lights, shaders and cameras) I have since added to them the Observation Deck, Tech Corridor, Corridor Junction, Containment Tank, Stasis Chamber and Control Center.

This will give plenty of room for the story to unfold. I love how these kits all work together to tell a whole story of their own. Plenty of depth and detail, and complete with entire entryway setups.

Nightshift3D did a wonderful job with these!

In preparation, when I'm in my "Set Design" mode, often when I'm in between experiments and simulations, animations, etc., I bring each of these kits into my Base Scene Preset and go straight into the Texture room and set all shaders according to my default optimization, much as we see in my Character Design for Carrara 01 video tutorial.

For environments and vehicles, I always check the textures folder for special maps intended to make things glow. Quite often it's incredibly obvious - a map (or several) with shapes of solid color. Other times it might be a black image with bright, colored details, like machine specs, a map, an advertisement, etc.,

Those most likely go into the Glow channel in Carrara and, since I'm using Gamma Correction = 2.2, I multiply this map by itself in the glow and color channels.

Sometimes if there are materials that should be polished, reflective metal without any other mapped details, I'll replace the entire shader with one from the Carrara Browser > Metal. The same also applies to Glass, but in both cases I like to check for maps that I can use in those Carrara presets to better fit the situation.

Tip: We can open a Carrara Preset shader into the Texture room along with a shader from the model, and Ctrl Drag any channel from one to the other. This is incredibly helpful for using a product's included maps with an awesome Carrara preset material!

To be continued with some of my renders in Carrara....