Of course, People aren't the Only thing aniMate is Good for!

Linday's amazing aniMation four-wheeler template system brings Life into our vehicles in Amazing Ways!!!

You may need a new Driver’s Licence for this...

Do you have expensive cars, but you cannot drive them anywhere? Now, you can...

With Animation Four Wheeler Template you can setup everything in Daz Studio with this „Ghost“ Template. It works with all four wheeler cars, no need for special adjustments of animations.

Animations are fully based on physical simulation and converted to bone structure of the template. Very useful also in posing in static car renders.

There are 20 basic aniBlocks for Car Template on the flat ground.

Promo Video

What's Inside

The main product itself has nice presets right inside Studio to launch these wonderful instructional videos. Using these, we can use the included ready-to-roll preset cars, use the blank template which is already outfitted with Linday's excellent wheels included in the pack, as well as how to completely make an entirely customized ride using our own wheels, or wheels from an existing product!

Setup Part 1

Setup Part 2

Setup Part 3

Tutorial Camera Setup

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This is a road safety problem and you may lose your Driver’s Licence if you are involved...

Car Chase contains 3 different car chases for car A and car B with cameras, 2 cameras above the cars simulate a helicopter view with shaking.

There are 6 car aniBlocks and 12 camera aniBlocks, one frame of Promo Reel was rendering about 40 sec. with Iray Interactive with 2 GPU‘s 1070.

02 One-click Ready to Animate Car Presets, which require products (cars) listed below:

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