Digital Art Live and Me

A student of my course was asking about the Simulated Hair Helpers that I was using in the course.

So here's a short tutorial video on how I make and use them

The beginning and end of the video also have a small glimpse of what's to come in the up-and-coming Rosie 8 2023 Animation Demo Reel.

A Digital Art Live Experience 

Now Available at Daz 3d - a Special new educational course that I've been anxious to share with everyone.

Paul Bussey, from Digital Art Live, offered an amazing opportunity for me to tell my story of how I've unlocked the key to a super-easy approach to animating in Daz Studio - something that a majority of animators consider to be nearly impossible, and for good reason. Daz Studio is set up differently than traditional animating software, making it feeling clunky, even unfriendly to folks who are used to animating.

Well such a thing is difficult to tell in a few words or even a single article here on the site. It's something that needs to be seen, worked through, demonstrated.

Paul's offer is just that. He loves seeing other artist's work and he has a wonderful drive at helping artists learn new skills to better themselves at what they want to do. In that, we are both incredibly similar, for those are my goals as well!

So we've got together in several video conferences and built a solid idea on how to go about this beneficial workflow.

The result is a course that takes us from a full animation workflow from start to end, followed by individual tutorials related to the techniques used within the workflow.

Introduction - a short video easing us into what's coming, followed by an enhanced version of my Cyberpunk Rosie 7 Demonstration I've presented on YouTube earlier.

Part 1 - a complete workflow following myself through an entire animation project from start to finish. From a T-pose through a custom aniMate setup, including the Genesis 3 & 8 Face Controls, then baking to the Studio timeline and using the custom tools that we'll build in Part 2 to turn the animation into something that greatly differs from the original motion capture, works better with our specific character, and allows us to retain the original motion capture while also coming up with an entirely custom result. The sky's the limit - if there even is a limit. Part 1 continues through dForce cloth and then hair simulations, setting up another set of custom helpers to help the hair in our custom situation, then we render it and finally do a basic composite of the rendered result over the backdrop. 

Part 2 - Instructional and demonstration videos that will add this new methodology and the tools to your own figures - quickly, simply and the end result is an animation system that can completely eliminate the need to use a graph editor. We're basically using the graph editor from dials on the figure, rather than having to drill down into the hierarchy to edit each rotation of each joint manually... whew... it exhausts me even thinking about Studio's graph editor for doing the intense changes we make in Part 1!

Part 2 continues showing how I convert animations across different Daz figure generations, creating handy partial aniBlocks for really altering what we can get out of aniMate (we use these in Part 1 to show how amazing this process can be), we explore how to create custom wearable presets and the Power such things can give us, and I get a chance to show why I create Base scenes and how they help me get my animations done a Lot more quickly while retaining consistency throughout my animated render clips. 

We also include two nice Bonus Featurettes:

One covers how I track the background plate (scenery render in motion) that matches the movements of the reveal of Rosie 7 at the beginning of the video.

The other one is an extensive look into the making of the Car Chase scene: Piranha vs Nemesis

I'm so excited that I've finally finished this and now have the ability to show everyone this new workflow I use to make animating in Daz Studio a really fun experience. Not only is it fun, it's productive, easy and it has quickly become my favorite way to perform Character Animations Period! 

For Carrara users, the tools that are the highlight of this entire workflow also work in Carrara, since they get added to the actual Base figure, and we can put these tools on anything that has an articulate rig! Sweet!!!

I'm really looking forward to its release, and really looking forward to seeing what animations you all come up with using this fun new way to animate figures!

What's Included and Features

Intro video to the course

Bonus "Rosie 7 Demo 2023" video

What a Fantastic place to learn, share and absorb anything and everything Art!

Led by Paul Bussey, this fantastic place has a beautiful forum with an endless supply of topics - and we can join courses and training, or just hang out with the group and discuss and enjoy art!

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