Inspiration through The Witcher

It's no surprise that the thrilling game franchise, created around a series of books that used to be popular only in Poland, would become an outstanding success as a show series on Netflix.

In my Humble Beginnings article I give credit to my becoming a 3D artist to the game: Neverwinter Nights, by Bioware, who allowed a new game company, trying to make their start with their first original title the rights to use their Aurora Game Engine (developed for Neverwinter Nights). This is how I found out about "The Witcher" - via the NWN forums of the time.

Not much was heard about the game afterward, at least not in the US. This awesome documentary illustrates why. It also highlights some of the reasons I love the franchise so much.

You see, I don't really play games much. They're either BioWare, or I don't play. Quite a few years ago I learned of a website called while looking for a way to replace my ageing collection of BioWare games, which are on CD ROM and used to death!

GOG's reasonable prices along with DRM-Free, no-license business model made the replacement one of the easiest decisions I could face.

Season 1 Netflix Series

One day I got an e-mail from them about an amazingly low price on their "The Witcher" series of games. I couldn't help but remember the forum talk about it using the Aurora engine, and then barely hearing of the game since, so I bought the first one. It came with loads and loads of additional content - my favorite of which being the artwork and such, along with the incredible soundtrack!

After seeing the wonderful art and hearing the music, I started looking at The Witcher II, which also came with the enormity of great "extras", so I bought that too.

I've still never actually completed any of them, and now own all three games and have all of the goodies.

When I do play the games, I'm in awe of the excellence.

The richness of the atmosphere, the fullness of the characters, that unforgettable music... even the mechanics of the games, though each matures as the series progresses are comfortable for this person who doesn't care to play games! BioWare is like that.

They let the games do the hard part, I just have to direct what I want my character to do and how to behave... The Witcher games are like that too.

Anyway, the art, music and truly engaging stories are fully worth every penny I spent on those games, even though I barely play the games themselves.

One day, when I get plenty of 'me' time, I will play and finish all three games - if for no other reason as to find out what happens.

Check out this super-awesome documentary of The Witcher Series by No Clip, who has done an impeccable job!

Maybe even consider contributing to their cause!

The Netflix series is awesome, in my opinion. It starts perfectly as well! Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia was the Perfect Choice. I'm enjoying the performance of the entire cast!

So glad to have some great fantasy TV!

This is the opening cinematic of the first The Witcher game.

This is one of the many Witcher III promo videos. Check YouTube for more - there's a lot!

CD Projekt RED, the developer of the games and creators/owner of GOG have always loved how games like Baldur's Gate, by BioWare came with nice maps, sheets and a tastefully made manual adorned with art, all wrapped up in a beautiful box. They also noticed the disappearance of such wonders as time stole them away.

All of The Witcher games come complete with a tasty trove of wondrous treasures, making them everything you'd expect from a great RPG. Game Guides, comic books, calendars, wallpapers and a lavish art book to name some. The soundtracks are glorious and there's even a video of The Witcher III in Concert available at GOG, which I bought but I believe it's free now. Check it out below!

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