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►►► Carrara Information Manual ◄◄◄ is a forum thread that I started long ago - even before Carrara 8.5 was officially released. It was my attempt to create a sort of links thread combined with articles I've written myself to help show people what they might use Carrara for - from new user or someone looking to purchase, to even seasoned users looking for other techniques or inspiration. 

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It originally started with a notion to create an index, a "Table of Contents" for the inspiring Cool Carrara Tricks videos by a fellow who later became a good friend, Cripeman. His videos were really fun and informative, but also very inspiring toward Carrara and features that might have often received a bad wrap from a few users, which would stir negativity to a point that many new users wouldn't even give these things a try. 

When I was new, I fell into these traps. It doesn't even have to be intentional. Sometimes these things just sit in one's subconscious, causing the person to (subconsciously) avoid or ignore such wonderful tools or features.

Please visit my Dedication to Cripeman and have a look at these wonderful, amazing Cool Carrara Trick videos yourself... they're Awesome!

Right from the start, however, it grew to be much more. With Cripeman's advice, I started creating lists of helpful links to many other topics that have been discussed in the forum. Many start with a question, and then the thread carries on with the usual diversity of how so many different users might handle the situation in their own way - offering much more than just "the simple answer".

A really nice side affect of organizing links to thread topics is that, when we use those links to previous discussions - folks whom have been following that thread will get notified via e-mail if a new comment is made. 

So let's say that we look under a modeling category and find link to a topic similar to an issue we're trying to solve. We click the link, taking us to that discussion and we can read or skim the entire conversation which might just answer our question already. 

But if it doesn't, but hints that the folks in the discussion would certainly know the final answer we need, we simply reply to that thread with specifics in the for of a question. 

Alas, two important things happen: The reply to the thread bumps the thread back to the top of the main discussion page so everyone in the forum sees it, and; anyone following that topic will get an e-mail, even if they're not currently actively visiting the forum. 

It quite simply helps these threads expand to resolve more and more individual branches of the original question, helps us each get a deeper understanding of how to resolve various needs, and introduces us to folks whom might be doing the same sorts of things that we are interested in.

Win, win for all!


I've had some family issues arise that have dragged me away from all of this for a while. But even without my absence, keeping up with this massive endeavor can take a lot out of me.

Still, I love doing it. I get a charge out of helping folks come to grips with my favorite reason for turning on a computer - working in Carrara!

I notice that I have a lot of updating, changing, and fixing to do in the manual. The cool part is that the forum just keeps working well anyway! So from time to time, I'll be popping in and out of that thread to do some housekeeping. ;)

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