A Workflow Demonstration

Animate - Simulate - Composite

In this episode, we create a dramatic scene where Rosie 5, dressed as a street warrior, is running toward a situation - only to discover that she's too late! 

For Rosie's acting, we begin with Posermocap's "Run To Edge Stop Balance 2" aniBlock from Ambient Moves - Volume 1, which is for Genesis 1, 2 and 3 males and females, and then I go through how I can use simple Pose dials on the figure to adjust her posture and keep her head looking up, down the street, rather than down over the edge.

For all animation and simulation work shown, I speed the actual screen capture (of me working) to avoid the video taking too long, since there's so much to cover.

For Rosie 5's Street Warrior attire, we start with her Sci-Fi J-Suit and retexture it into mottled brown and black leather before shrink-wrapping it to her using VWD. Then we top this with Michael 4's Steam Cowboy Jacket (long leather coat that looks Really Cool!) and simulate that onto her also using VWD. For this Jacket I actually show the process used for converting the conforming clothing into a static prop and using simple scaling and translations to adjust it to somewhat fit, and let VWD take care of the rest.

The setting is a cyberpunk techno city made up of Stonemason's Urban Sprawl city with many of Coflek-Gnorg's elements added from TechnoTown series and Steampunk Towers - all built on an EnvironKit Base scene for atmosphere and lighting. We could go a lot further with this scene for an actual production, but for this demo we have two of Stonemason's Skyrider Cars flying quickly by, Winnston1984's Elevated Subway speeding passed in the distance, as TheAntFarm's M11-Flea drudges through carrying a full load of cargo.

Since this scene is at night, using a lot of volumetric lighting and smoggy atmosphere, we render this separately from Rosie 5, whose dynamic hair is a volumetric effect that clashes with other volumetrics during renders.

So we put these two animations in Batch Queue rendering and bring the results into DaVinci Resolve and layer them together in the Fusion page, then check out our final work with the song I wrote for MatCreator's The Hole playing behind it and through the end credits scroll.

I hope you like it. 

Moreso, I hope this helps to spark some workflow ideas to help you all get more out of your current gear to get your vision to appear on screen.


I have a few playlists started in my YouTube channel to help organize these videos into categories. Some videos fit in several categories so end up in multiple lists.

Please let me know if you have ideas in this regard!


Some of the products used:

This episode is just a taste of the varieties of multi-layered costumes we can create using these simple methods.

You might ask: "Why simulate clothing that conforms"?

A - We can use clothing made for any figure - period. Male or female, Daz 3D, Poser, 3DS....

B - We can add and/or delete anything we want, change things up... our imagination is our playground!!!

I love using motion capture data from Posermocap! 

They do great work with targeting these excellent captures with Daz Figures, and have created a wonderful selection of motions over the years!

Visit Posermocap at Daz 3D

I have quite a complete collection and we'll be exploring how I use their motions to create figure acting for something entirely different as we progress through these lessons and demonstrations.

I'm sorry to report that it appears that Stonemason's Urban Sprawl (1) is no longer available(?)!!!

Perhaps check out its successors:

Urban Sprawl 2 - The Big City

Urban Sprawl 3

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