Renderosity Zone

Renderosity has long been a great place for acquiring assets, tutorials, freebies and sharing art, imaginations and opinions.

The Renderosity Marketplace contains a wealth of assets for an incredibly wide range of uses and software choices - and this also extends to their vast, ever-growing Freebies store.

This is where I first began acquiring 3D assets for Poser, which makes it quite interesting that Renderosity is now the home of this unique and powerful illustration/animation software!

Yes, Bondware (owner of Renderosity) is now the developer of Poser software, which is a very exciting prospect indeed! Along with many other artists, I'm eager to see where this takes the beloved application as the years progress!

Here's a nice article on Poser 12 - new features, content, etc.,

This is a brand new section for this site and will be growing in the very near future as I demonstrate my collections and use of many great resources from artists like:

and many more including my friends

I look forward to presenting this world through my eyes and views!

Use the Gizmo on the left (or the following links) to filter between the following:

* Blacksmith 3D * Daz Studio * Poser * Reality * Reallusion * Sixus 1

...and Have Fun Learning New Skills and Techniques!!! :)