A dedication to a fallen friend,


I can't really talk about "Learning Carrara" without paying respect to a dear friend whom has passed beyond the realm of living, as we know it.

Cripeman was a true and generous soul and left a legacy of wonderful short training tutorial videos that are just as informative as they are entertaining... just plain fun to enjoy and learn from.

I was always a fan of his wonderful videos - our friendship began when I asked his permission to catalog his tutorials into a "Table of Contents" of links to them. The conversation that followed inspired me to begin an exhaustive resource for anyone and everyone wishing to gather whatever information about Carrara they might be looking for - no matter the experience level.

The result was my ►►► Carrara Information Manual ◄◄◄ which works as both an enormous thread of my writing of my own experiences and thoughts (along with replies from others) as well as a large collection of links leading to a lot of other informational threads, often initiated from a question, others from kind users passing along their own thoughts and knowledge.

Our Carrara Discussion forum community has truly grown into an amazing, sharing family of Carrara users, always eager to help to answer queries in as many ways one might think of. Carrara often offers many possible solutions to any given task.

Without further ado, I'd like to present one of the Superheroes responsible for helping our Carrara discussion forum to become such a bright and enjoyable family... Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the collection of "Cool Carrara Tricks" by the one and only Cripeman!

Cripeman Tutorials Index

The Cripeman has been soaring Carrara skies for years now, and has been faithfully saving humanity through his imaginative advice on how we can get Carrara to do what we need it to do. If you're new to using Carrara, the Cripeman's tutorial collection can direct you through many aspects of the software. Personally, I enjoy each and every one and have watched most of them more than once!

It can be a little daunting trying to find what you're looking for by simply navigating YouTube. Also, I feel that his advice and pleasant teaching techniques would be the perfect addition to a Living Carrara User's Manual.

Because of this, and with his permission, I have compiled a fully linked list of all of his tutorials.

If you notice that one is missing, or if you feel that one (or more) link should belong in a different category in the list, please let me know. But this is a rather large endeavor, so please be patient.



Particles and Physics


More Excellent Cripeman Tutorials That have yet to be Categorized


Make a Mountain of Skulls

Shows a quick example of creating a custom Terrain Shape, Using Poser to export only the Skull from a complete skeleton, Replicating the Skulls onto the custom terrain shape, and using the light brightness to Stylize the end image.

Thank you for visiting this dedication. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I have watching the cool videos, putting this index together, and sharing it with everybody in this way.

Cripeman, as you can tell by watching, was such a joy to have around.

Cripeman, you are truly missed, my Friend!

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