Fleet Ops: The Admiral's Suite

This is how this all works, which is really cool!!!

Fleet Ops: Admiral's Bridge

It all began with Fleet Ops: Admiral's Bridge - the hub of the Admiral's fleet command operations and duties.

A fantastic set all on its own, this is where the Admiral or Captain... our Hero confronts outer space anomalies, aliens - hostile or friendly, directs and delivers orders to the crew of this vessel as well as others... 

This is where the crew works their day-to-day space adventures.

The detail is awesome! 

In both light and dark color schemes, the entire scene just feels dramatic and ready for space command adventures. 

These seats and the controls and screens... they're So Cool!!!

And along with all of that detail, this first set in the series was built with the next few products in mind, and includes modular elements that can be easily duplicated or instanced and used to further expand this set, as well as to accompany the future sets that come next!

Number One. Science Officer. On Me.

Fleet Ops: Admiral's Ready Room

The consequences of our next move will affect the lives of thousands - perhaps millions of lives. We better get this right!

The Ready Room is the perfect addition to the Bridge. Confidential strategic decisions need a private, sound-proof environment where clear heads can win the day.

Fleet Ops: Admiral's Ready Room is all that - it truly is - but it is also a whole lot more...

Check this out!

Remember when I was just talking about how the Admiral's Bridge was built with the future sets in mind? (I hope so, Number One - for I've Just Said It!!)  Well Ready Room kit adds an enormous wealth to this whole aspect of Modular Design.

Clever - Building onto a set with a most purposeful scenery piece - it even comes with a preset to load both the Bridge and Ready Room together - but it is also a massive upgrade for the modular Sci-Fi Interior Kit!!!

New styles of furniture - from seats to couches, walls and doors... and a bunch of wonderful modular corridor sections that fit up with those from the previous Admiral's Bridge kit!

It truly makes both kits feel like huge boxed sets of modular design dungeon tiles to build with - because that's actually what they are, but with fully fleshed-out scenes as the drive for each box! 

I'm Loving This!!!

I'll be in my Quarters. Summon me before we arrive. Number One - you have the conn

Fleet Ops: Admiral's Cabin

Okay, now that we're all geared up and ready for the next installment for our Modular series, I have to point out how cool the actual preset is!

Like both of its predecessors, Admiral's Cabin leaves no stone unturned - as they say.

Exquisite details adorn this wonderful area for the "Old man" to recharge, gather his or her thoughts, and get some well earned rest - finally.

Orderly yet comfortable, these quarters definitely feel like a place we'd expect a military commander to dwell. I cool model of a star ship on a well-kept desk with a selection of theoretical and strategical reading - along with some other fine selections - and plenty of extra stowage compartments to keep everything such a person of import needs for long journeys in space.

But now let's get back to the whole modular aspect... this set is a bountiful addition indeed!!!

Admiral's Suite Preset

First of all, we get a preset that can load all three kits together as one! That is So Cool!!! 

Now check out all the cool Modular Kit pieces this baby comes with!

And it comes with an additional bonus scene preload - the Nautical Preset!

As each set includes more and more corridor elements, the detailing within each of them is a fresh new look with a whole new purpose!

By the time we've collected The Admiral's Suite we have an enormous set of kit for building all kinds of space station, star ship, Sci-Fi interiors... all kinds of different habitats!

Since they all have the light and dark color themes, we're actually getting all of this twice - once for each faction.

Loading the preset environments that come with each is also a great way to begin building something new - as it already contains a whole lot of useful elements. 

Just swap things around, duplicate or Instance parts to extend them further, add more pieces from the other kits - we can even load the entire Suite and start building something entirely different with a whole lot of cool stuff already in our working view to play with!!!

Add a Whole New Dimension!

The Fleet Ops: Admiral's Suite set of three products offers the ability to create (or even simply load) Massive Sci-Fi interior environments.

Fleet Ops: Mess Hall

The Mess Hall adds a whole new dimension to this whole thing!

For one, the enormous environment that it is on its own is offered in various ways - various presets. Complete, Crew, NCO, and Officer's Mess preloads are provided - which is Super Cool on its own.

The Modular Kit Development aspect this set brings to the whole thing is a really wonderful way to top this whole thing off. TangoAlpha, my friend... this is Awesome!!!

The modular corridors gain staircases and new additions and we get a heaping helping of more props to build with - all complete with illuminating materials and presets galore!

I love this series!!!

I'd also like to point out that the entire MV Stella Space Module series is also a modular design that works very well together. TangoAlpha made some really wonderful space kits!!!

I've always been a fan of modular corridor and room kits - especially kits that have the corridors and rooms (or even just wall panels) that work together. There are a lot of them out there - and many of them are really great. Personally, I can never have too many.

One thing that truly stands out for this series, including the MV Stella series, is that sometimes I just don't feel like building a modular interior, and just wish I could make a few clicks and load something that's already put together.

TangoAlpha presents these kits in just that way! It's actually sold as a scene kit - load, pose, render. I Love that!!!

And then during thise times when I want to build - I have multiple ways to preload my starting point!

A great example being the Admiral's Cabin all on its own. It has a wonderful corridor that leads out of the bridge and is made up of two modular corridors with different types of working doors - the one leading out of the bridge, the door is on the side. The other has the door at the end - finalizing the scene. 

If we go the other way out of the bridge, the corridor is meant to be open so that it fits perfectly with the Ready Room. but we can simply add a few modular corridor pieces to have this terminate in an entirely different way - like, with the Mess Hall kit, we could have it end with stairs going up and stairs going down - or we could simply duplicate the corridor that's there and rotate it 180 degrees and jsut have it lead to another (working) door.

So for me, there's a Ton of value in this collection. I Love working like this!