A Quick Look

Introducing Rosie 5

Introducing Rosie 5 was a springboard project to get a solid beginning to all of this from which I can work toward more tutorials, demonstrations and articles.

DaVinci Resolve - A Quick Look is spawned from that project, and yet is also another springboard to get me started at bringing us deeper and deeper into DaVinci Resolve. Not actually a tutorial, this video simply demonstrates how easy it can be to work in DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, while mentioning that it also gets much more involved, including two more entire workspaces that the video doesn't even explore - and doesn't even mention the all new Cut page.

I don't want to get my readers bogged down in lengthy explanations if they're only interested in certain aspects, which is why I've adopted this new approach of bringing forth brief demonstrations, which can then lead to more detailed articles and/or videos, and the goal is to create many 'Hybrid Articles', a combination of written details with video demonstrations.

Soon I shall be launching the next round in this series, so keep an eye on this space! :)

Get the DaVinci Resolve Training Materials by Blackmagic Design HERE