Hybrid aniMation

Quite some time ago I've written an article in the forum: aniMating in Carrara, which I thought was important because it can help us to get out of the trap of using Motion Capture data only for the motions it is titled to do (using it to create a motion according to its name). Well I've been using this same approach, but after gaining quite a bit of experience with it I've taken on new habits I'd like to let you all in on.

In that article I go through the process of importing aniBlocks on my figures in Carrara, delete certain keyframes, say the arms or head and neck or all of those, for example, and then create an NLA Clip from what's left. Then I'd import an entirely different aniBlock and delete everything except for those parts, so that I can blend those actions with what I've just done before. So these would also create an NLA clip.

Doing this requires a great deal of organization which is actually very easy to do, hence my writing the Custom Browser article.

In this article, I use aniMate 2 much more - especially since I'm using a legacy (genesis 1) figure.

My favorite MoCap vendors at Daz 3D

Let me know what your favorites are at the Carrara Forum. I'm always eager to try more motions! :)

GoFigure (makers of aniMate and the aniBlock packs and more)

PoserMoCap (amazing motions on filmmaker topics)

SKAmotion (fewer options, but very good motions)(more are also available at SKAmotion.com)

Bonetech3d (says "hand-made", but feels like MoCap. Fun either way)

Need to get Poser Formats out of Daz Studio?

Use DAZ Studio, Carrara and/or Poser in your creative process? Need to get poses and/or animations to Carrara or Poser, but the data is in DAZ Studio?

DUF files can take forever to load in Carrara and, sometimes they might not work at all, depending on what it is.


Poser Format Exporter!!!

This script provides the ability to generate Poser format Pose (.pz2), Face/Expression (.fc2) and Hand (.hd2) files from directly within DAZ Studio. Use DAZ Studio to pose or animate your figures, then use this script to transfer that information to Carrara or Poser.

NOTE: PFE supports both DAZ Studio 3 and 4

Check out How to use the Poser Format Exporter by Mattymanx

What's Included and Features


  • Create Poser format Pose(.pz2), Face(.fc2) and Hand(.hd2) files

  • Include the root node or selected nodes

  • Limit inclusion to only selected nodes or recursively include their children

  • Create poses of the Current Frame or of an Animated Range

  • Choose the starting and ending frame of an Animated Range

  • Include/Exclude Transforms (rotation, translation scale); per axis

  • Include/Exclude Morph Targets (targetGeom)

  • Include/Exclude Numeric Properties (valueParm)

  • Include/Exclude Node Visability state

  • Include/Exclude Node Bending state

Animating In Carrara Video Series - by Phil Wilkes

This article/video will not be covering much at all about traditional animation techniques, but will often be referring to them. My friend, Phil Wilkes from Daz 3D has put together an amazing video course: Animating in Carrara which is available at Daz 3D. Here's the thing - he very much skims over what I'm doing here in favor of teaching traditional animation methods - including important animation principals.

Here's the Intro video from the course - check it out (he actually teaches more than what this says he will - he's Very Good - And Fun!!!)

I was already in my comfort zone with animation when it came out, but I bought it to see what I might be missing. PhilW does deep research when he makes his video courses and they've all taught me a lot more than I expected to learn from them.

I really enjoyed the course and, of course learned a lot of new things - that's Phil!!!

So the last thing I want to do is to step on his toes by including what I've learned from him, or even material that he covers in his series. Besides, that's not what I'm here to talk about anyway. So I strongly urge you all to check out Phil's course. It has an abundance of educational value toward animating - especially in Carrara and, as always Phil includes working files and helpful resources with the bundle.

The final chapter is dedicated to creating a full animation from start to finish, including building a robot from a bunch of 3D objects and setting it up for animation. It's really cool. If you don't want to build the robot, he has provided it in the working files.

He takes us through from writing the script, story boarding through designing the character, designing the set and animating it all, through post production and final thoughts - all with several steps and procedures in between.

This video is the result of the final (9th) chapter of the course - it's a 10 video chapter all on its own!

Animating in Carrara by Phil Wilkes at Daz 3D.com

(Under Construction until the Support Video is released)

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