Genesis Generations X2 is an incredible piece of software that allows us to bring morphs from Generation 4 figures to Genesis. With addons, we can bring morphs from Generation 3, 4, 6 and 7 to Genesis as well, and we can also bring morphs from generations 4 through 7 to Genesis 1, 2 and/or 3 - which is incredibly powerful! 

Let's take a look at how we work this amazing tool

It's nice to have some room to see what we're doing when working in GenX2. The only thing we'll be doing at this time is transferring morphs, so we don't really need to see a character in the viewport - unless we want to check morphs to see if we want them transferred.

When I had a lot of GenX2 work to do for a period of time, I docked it on the bottom with the timeline and aniMate 2. Now I usually only open it when I need it, and leave it as a large, floating toolbox. I drag it to make it as big as I need, so I can more easily dig through the morphs I want to find.

That all out of the way, here's the basics: