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I started a thread in the Carrara forum at Daz 3D back when I was first investigating the software. I found myself getting more and more excited about it the more I learned. When that thread was full, I started a new one:

I was always into art of many different types of medium. Sketching, painting, building models from wood and paper, sculpting paper mache, clay and then stone. The art room in school was a blast! Having a nice big room filled with all manner of things to create with is like a fantasy.

That's exactly how I felt when I started working with Project Dogwaffle!

Notice that I didn't say Howler that time? Well Howler is the one that I truly need because it's the one with the Animation tools - I really gravitate to those. But there's an Artist version as well which is the same amazing Art Room studio, but without the Animation tools. Project Dogwaffle also offers a really cool separate PD Particles program - all of them have the ability to paint with particles - this one actually centers around it.

Check out the Project Dogwaffle Comparison Chart toward the bottom of this page.

Brief interruption: I use Howler to create an animated Gel filter in this tutorial > Volumetric Lighting - Basic Interior

Looking into Project Dogwaffle led me to one of the parent sites: The Best 3D.com

I absolutely Love this site! It's crazy and packed full of so many things. Even things that some folks might consider legacy that should be swept off somewhere... to me these things are important. I like to see evolution of art and the software - where their minds were at. Plus, all of those cool tests and tutorials and such can still very much apply to what we want to do today or tomorrow. Things happen in trends, so it can be incredibly refreshing to break the mold and look at other eras and have some fun!

The Best 3D is also the host of the wonderful Dogwaffle Newsletter. Author of the software, Dan Ritchie, is constantly developing the software further - It's amazing how far it's come in the few short years I've been using it.

About Philip and Dan at The Best 3D.com

And here's Dan's new site: pdhowler.com

Project Dogwaffle is not a Photoshop clone at all - and that was by design right from the start. Instead, we get a very artistic and unique means of making or editing art (even animation with the Pro edition, which is Howler) with more of a feel for conventional art tools than I've experienced in any other software. So Carrara was the perfect fit for me to create 3D animations, and Howler turned out to be my go-to app for painting in motion and almost all of my 2D art work.

Any time we add something that is truly unique, it can take a bit of an adjustment period to get up to speed. Philip Staiger created an amazing series of fun videos on YouTube which he calls: The Daily Dose. Crazy and fun, I watched these videos over and over even before I actually bought the software! Back then, I was looking hard at TheBest3D.com, perusing all of the wonderful information and history - which is how I found out about the Daily Dose. The order of the videos on the web site was different than they were on the YouTube channel, so I made a custom playlist of the list in order from TheBest3D.com, which is this right here:

Within that playlist, Dan Ritchie (developer) himself entertains us with the painting of a still life (right) - and he's excellent!!!

Hint: Philip uses PowerDirector, by Cyberlink to create these entertaining videos!

I made two more playlists at that time around the last major release of Howler, and the new one that was coming out just as I bought the software:

PD Artist at Daz 3D

PD Howler at Daz 3D

Images made entirely within Project Dogwaffle

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