Domestic Animals

Our pets and livestock can adorn our art in any way our imagination takes us.

Thanks to these incredible artists, we can have 3D Articulate versions of them to pose and animate!

In our stories our pets might be hawks, wolves, even dinosaurs! This section, however, focusses on our more traditional types of domesticated friends and work mates. 

In the case of Bundles, there might be a bit of cross-pollination, but in the main spirit of things, I'll try and keep it specific simply to make it easier for us to locate the animals we're looking for.

Welcome to Domestic Animals!

Millennium Dog

Now, I won't be doing things chronologically or even attempting an exhaustive catalog of the whole store. But I would like to point out that some of these legacy animals, while not using the latest technologies have many things going for them. One of the big ones for me is the utter compatibility that they have across Daz Studio, Poser and Carrara amongst others, I'm sure.

Currently the Millennium Dog is available in a few ways - you can check out the links under the image, but here's a quick rundown:

Starter Pack gets you the main figure, a bunch of dog breeds (shapes and textures) and poses. One could stop there if you want. 

The Bundle gets you the LE version, the Starter Pack as well as a product no longer available any other way - Classic Canines Combo. 

Ultimate Collection gets you all of the above plus the Millennium Puppy Bundle! :)

* I believe that Classic Canines Combo includes the textures in the image that do Not come in the Starter Pack

Not only are these animals light on system resources, they're also incredibly versatile - as are all of Predatron's stand-alone original figures.

They each come Packed with possibilities right out of the gate. I bought the bundle, because I know I'll be needing any one of these as time goes on, and now I have them at my fingertips!

But each (and even more now) are available individually as well.

This pack includes:

Some highlights of this bundle

is a generic, base dog figure with 13 breed shapes built into it. But we can also mix and match to make unique animals to our whim.

16 breed texture presets help make any kind of canine we need.

Predatron has always been incredibly reliable for delivering easy-to-use products. The morphs are organized and named to be easy to predict. Like LoRez Lorenzo and Loretta (Human LoRez figures), these dogs come so packed full of options, it'll quickly become the Go To pup time after time.

As if the figure isn't enough, he also includes some nice LoRez props, like a dog house, bed, food and water dishes and, of course, some toys and treats to keep our best friends happy! :)

This amazing kit includes Everything! Saddles, saddle bags, reigns, morphs, lots of textures and variations - even a Unicorn!

Beautiful figure, very well rigged, easy to pose and animate... I Love this Horse! (I actually bought this one before getting the bundle - Love it!!!)

LoRez Pigs comes with texture and morph variations to create Piglets, Pigs, Boars and Boar Piglets!

LoRez Crow can be a crow, raven or a rook complete with pose morph controls for the beak, feet, wings and tail. 

LoRez Rat comes with an easy-pose tail and just the right morph dials to bring life to these wonderful little scavengers!

This low resolution cat figure will be a great addition to your scenes. It's very easy on resources coming in at only 2584 polygons, so it's possible to have many cats in one scene, or use one cat and know it's easy to load and render along with your higher resolution figures..


It comes with a number of morphs to control the mouth, tongue, eyes and ears, as well as several to shape the body and turn the cat into a small kitten. The tail is set up with EasyPose dials.

There are eight great cat textures plus eight separate eye texture options. There are fourteen poses and one tail pose. be continued

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