Any film must begin with a Story.

As a filmmaker, the story is your responsibility - one of the most difficult parts of the project for me. My mind is full of ideas, inspiration and imagination. Creating fun thoughts and events isn't the tough hurdle for me. Turning all of those ideas into a good, cohesive story... is.

Essentially, every story needs a beginning, middle and end - that's it. But there are many elements that good storytellers use to turn that structure into something worth paying attention to. And without the attention of others, the whole thing falls flat and ceases to exist - at least to the public.

Since guiding us along this path is not my strong suit, I'll instead offer what assistance I can by showing helpful ways to get this right.

I've recently picked up a really cool two-part video session from Digital Art Live: Visual Story Writing - from Inception to Production, by Drew Spence, which is really quite good.

Drew has a dynamic style of offering advice and structure on what stories need to keep the audience captivated - by also including good, practical examples of how we can easily (and accidentally) stray from the structure and cause the whole thing to fall flat and fail. And again, by illustrating this along with the structure, provides the tools we need to avoid these mishaps and stay on target.

Highly recommended for those seeking help with Storytelling!

The Screenwriter's Bible, by David Trottier is an excellent resource. There are others like it by other authors that are reported to be quite good - but I cannot actually speak for those myself.

Trottier's comprehensive and well-organized tome was enough for me.  I'd recommend delving into as many of these sorts of books or other educational materials as you can handle if you really want to get into this realm of the process.

From the website:

The Screenwriter's Bible is a complete screenwriting toolbox jammed with easy-to-grasp tools for your writing, formatting, and selling pleasure. 

It includes useful worksheets, sound marketing advice, sample scenes and treatment, and much more. Endorsed by working writers, agents, and producers, The Screenwriter's Bible is actually five books in one:

Over 300,000 copies sold

to be continued....

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