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Daz 3D included the Content Creator Toolkit (CCT) into Daz Studio as a means for artists to create original content, including but not limited to props, clothing, hair, original figures, and also to create morphs of existing figures that are then available to all users, directly within DAZ Studio 4.x 

This was an incredible move for Daz 3D as they not only made their Pro version of the software Free for everyone, but also introduced the most advanced publicly available articulate figure (Genesis) using modern rigging, SubD Cage technology and UV swapping (just to name a few of the advancements) along with being the first commercial tool to include nVidia's Iray render engine - and they did it all with flying Daz 3D colors!

So along with all of these advancements, Daz 3D also made that extra step of including the CCT (previously sold separately) to assist Premier Artists (and literally Everyone!) in getting the most out of this technology to bring their dreams and inspirations to digital life, with automated tools and processes that are really quite smart and well integrated.

To get everyone some good, useful information on all of this, no matter their endeavors, Daz 3D has put together a wonderful Creating Content portion within their Online Documentation Center that is comprehensively divided into digestible sections:

VWD Cloth & Hair v2

Amazing Dynamic Simulator plugin for Poser 

Get a bridge to Daz Studio and/or Carrara

Now that's a lot of (free!) education toward creating truly professional content - even if we only want to do some custom work for our own needs! 

The cool part is that, Daz 3D wants us to learn how to do this stuff whether we want to tweak things to work for our projects or we want to become Daz 3D Premier Artists. 

Daz 3D also offers some really nice general Daz Studio video tutorials - not so much on this topic, but I know that I for one could use a bit more knowledge on Daz Studio's general uses and possibilities. This tutorial base is a great way to explore more ways to use this incredible suite of technology!

Daz 3D Help Section Video Tutorials

Josh Darling to the Rescue!

Reading and following through the above information is a great way to learn how to not only become a professional 3D artist, but we can also use this knowledge to simply tweak purchased content into something entirely unique - something we've been dreaming up for our next animated character.

Undoubtedly we'll run into a few snags along the way that even the wonderful documentation above doesn't help us solve. That's when we need to turn to a real Daz 3D Pro - Josh Darling!

Easy to understand and follow, Josh shows us directly how to overcome some really impressive feats. So I'm highlighting some of these great video tutorials here. Check out his YouTube channel for more, and to keep up-to-date with his latest information. Don't forget to Subscribe!

Creating Control Properties

Creating Joint Corrective Morphs on Clothing

Easy Pose Controls

Use Smoothing to Fix Clothing

Setting Up MCM with Property Hierarchy

Grouping Properties

Setting Up Rigidity

Where Did Rigidity Go?

Intro to Loading and Saving Morphs

Creating and Hooking Up a JCM

Adjust Rigging to Shape

Creating Aliases (Copies of Properties)

Setting Up a Prop

Setting Up a Prop In Hand

Bone Movement on Morph with ERC Freeze

New Morph Tools Intro

Rigidity Setup

Rigidity to Exclude Corrective Morphs

There's more, so don't forget to browse his channel for things that might help in what you're doing

Hellboy's Guide to Genesis Content Creation

Over in the DAZ STUDIO forums, Hellboy has instituted a simplified guide to Genesis content creation, and has asked for clarification on anything he may be doing differently than how it should be done - so that he may update the guide - an excellent plan,in my opinion. So without further ado, here's his guide:

Hellboy's Simplified Guide to Genesis Content Creation

Also check out my Modeling for Genesis page

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