Daz Studio gets a new, major upgrade!

One of the improvements is a brand new, near-real-time PBR (Physically Based Render) engine in the viewport! We've always been able to render via the viewport output. Well now we can do so using the Open Source, Incredibly Fast Filament Render Engine!

Check Out Filament PBR Engine! Check out the New Animation Features!

Faster Viewport Rendering

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Real Time Rendering Video

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All-New Daz Studio

Realism in Real-Time

The Filament Viewport shows you your scene in real-time or near-real time, so you can work smarter and better. See your adjustments to your scene or character populate in the Viewport almost instantly, and enjoy the benefits of higher realism and a cleaner workflow.

Fast and User Friendly Viewport and Engine

Filament gives you high quality renders in a fraction of the time it takes other render engines, so you don’t have to wait all day to see the results of your 3D labor. Filament works just as fast and just as well with older systems and systems that don’t quite have as many CPUs/GPUs as other render engines require to work well and quickly. Now hobbyists and beginning 3D Artists can create without spending a ton on expensive software and equipment.

Created in Filament

Created in Filament

Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Physically Based Rendering, or PBR, calculates a complex series of interactions between the materials on your 3D assets and the light sources that strike them. Using Reflection and Diffusion, Translucency and Transparency, and complex calculations of Light Scattering and Atmospheric visual properties, PBR gives you astoundingly realistic renders in a fraction of the time of other render engines.

Realistic Lighting

Filament achieves realistic lighting by separating materials and light sources and tracking interactions between them. The end result is a render that looks astounding and highly realistic, epecially with off-focus fill lighting and back lighting that makes your characters and scenes look amazing

Created in Filament

Faster Viewport Rendering

“Filament has a huge market appeal — it’s open source and works amazingly for everybody, no matter how old the system they’re working on is. With Filament, any artist can make mad art without crazy rigs or waiting for 10-hour renders. This is a hit, especially because of the simplicity and low bar of entry. I’m just super stoked for it!”


The newest version of Daz Studio gives you Filament, a powerful new viewport and render engine that makes quality renders fast, no matter the power of the system. This update to Studio also includes new support for Iray 2020.1.1 and the NVIDIA 3000 series cards, and an advanced Animation Timeline that’s more powerful than ever before. 

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