Donation Ideas

If you like this site and/or what I'm doing and would like to show your appreciation, first of all... Thank You! It honors me to know you care!

It does take a lot of time and energy to keep these things alive, but it truly is a labor of love and passion!

I don't currently have a direct Donation Box sort of thing set up yet, but there are plenty of ways to add to the Tip Jar if that's what you'd like to do. Here are some ideas:


I am affiliated with Daz 3D, Autodesk UK, Cyberlink and AVG Technologies

Clicking on any of their links within these pages will benefit this site with a small commission if the click results in a purchase. So do yourself (and this site) a favor and go pick out something nice for yourself from these fine vendors! :)

This is my favorite method because you get something cool out of the deal! If you don't really want anything like that, there's always the next option below, which is a double-whammy - I get something cool and I get to put a little food on the table (if you use that link to get it)!

I have an ever-growing pile of must-haves in my Wishlist at Daz 3D. The gift of new goodies and features is always welcome and highly appreciated! 

 Just Send me a PM with the Gift Card Code

And it's a nice way to control how much you donate, because Gift Cards can be any amount - and sometimes they're even on sale!

I love being able to get new Daz 3D!!!

If you can think of other ways to help out a starving artist and want to tell me directly, log into the Daz 3D forums and Send me a PM