Volumetric Lighting

This can be a vast topic, so I'll delve into it and expand as we go. Volumetric Lighting simulates the illusion of particles in the air which makes the path of light visible to our eyes. For art, however, it's the stuff that enhances the image and helps us to direct the eyes toward or away from something by allowing us to add visible lines to the image where none should otherwise exist.

As I've mentioned a few times before, my aim with this new format is to be brief yet informative. So while I don't explain many of the simplest things I've done in this tutorial video, I'll add some of them here - especially if someone asks for more information on any particular aspect.

This video describes the initial basic method that I often use when first lighting a scene.

For this example I'm using Dungeon Holding, by Souless Empathy - available at Daz 3D.

In the video I mention that I begin with a simple Base Scene which has most of my more common settings applied (for speed rendering and easy setup). You may Download that file HERE

To use it, I've structured the zip file with the My Presets > My Objects path used for our Carrara Browser but you may place the file anywhere on your system and open it in Carrara.

Note that I'm not suggesting that you use this scene for your setup. I wanted to include it to inspire you to create your own default starter scenes to open depending on what you might be working on. We'll explore more such scenes as we progress because they're a real time saver!

Within the tutorial, the big difference in everything comes through a technique I use in PD Howler. Although there are almost always other ways of doing things, especially when it comes to VFX (visual effects), I hope that seeing Howler in action inspires you to see for yourself how amazing this art room application can be!

Cheers for now - more to come soon!

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