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Carrara Video Demonstration Guides - By GK DANTAS

Browse them all at Carrara Cafe

This is intended to be a simple index to the wonderful and helpful video tutorials by GK Dantas

Though silent, these videos hit the point of the topic in a clear, visual manner and are useful for learning where on the interface to go to perform the given task, but also to use as a provided link to show other how these tasks can be fulfilled. This brings us to my reasoning for creating this index:

Yes, they are all easily accessible from Carrara Cafe, but I wanted an easy reference to each of them on a single page for my own ease in linking to them to help answer questions that others may have.

To grab the link, all we have to do is to right-click on the topic needed, and choose: Copy Link Location (different browser commands may differ from one another, but the gist is the same), and then paste the link into the appropriate post. Enough of my babble, though... on with the index!

Browse them all at Carrara Cafe

Also visit the GK DANTAS Store at DAZ 3D for helpful products to assist in shaders, lighting, scene effects, paint brushes, and more.

Marcelo Teixeira (GK DANTAS) has been a driving force in helping artists to become acquainted with Carrara and how it works at the Carrara Cafe, here at DAZ 3D, and via his YouTube channel, which contains all of the above video sessions and more. When I purchased the p3DO Explorer Pro and asked about using it to create Carrara thumbnails, the owner hooked me up with Marcelo, who has taught me how to do it. Now I see that he has a YouTube video, linked to above!

Anyways, the other reason for including this index is as a warm Thank You to GK DANTAS for being so helpful in our cause!

Thanks Marcelo!

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