Welcome to Homage Corner, where I pay homage to other artists that truly inspire me.

Some use software that I use, others might not. Sometimes it's just the technique or style that drives me to be inspired by them.

Most of the time I'm talking about and using Carrara software, and just about any kind of inspiration works for me when it come to Carrara - so it's easy to be inspired by just about anyone's work.

Let's take a look at a few who have really stood out over the years:

A good friend of mine, and we never know what she's going to make next!

With over 31,000 subscribers, her channel is packed with fun - Silly, exotic, experimental and often with great music and oscure voice-overs! 

We also never know which software she'll be using. She dabbles in Everything and is a never-ending source of technical support for our little circle of friends and the community at large when asked.

There's so much to look at, I'm only putting up these two for you to check out here. Check out her channel and have fun!!!

Ivy does a Lot of fun Daz Studio animations!

Joe does some impressive experiment work. I haven't seen him around Carrara circles lately, but that doesn't matter because I see that he's still doing his awesome stuff!

Joe Pingleton YouTube Channel

Here are a couple of his Mimic Pro for Carrara (Lip Sync) tests

Fantastic How It Works videos made in Carrara - a real Pro!!!

I love watching his programs for the entertainment and information they contain, but also to try and disect how he created the various effects. Amazing work!

What happens when your dad is a professional visual effects artist?

This is So Cool!!!

Where Art, Music and geniusly clever programming skills meet the screen!

I first found this stuff after discovering Frederic Rible's PyCarrara (Python for Carrara), where he was experimenting with feeding midi notes into Carrara's animation features via Python programming language. Very cool stuff. 

Animusic.com is a pretty cool site too. Not sure whatever became of their 3rd DVD

Well, I've run out of time.

To be continued with much more - There's so much to show!

and support this site at the same time!!!  :)   Thanks!!!  :)