Rosie 8 - A Work in Progress

Getting a bit less stylized, the new work on a Genesis 8 version of Rosie is an endeavor to launch myself into newer technologies.

The hair is Lynday's Classic Long and Curly Hair with dForce. The figure begins life with Thorneworks/Handspan Studio's Lara character package and this amazing armor is mostly made up of Aeon Soul's "The Legend", with some tweaks I've made myself, like texturing Aeon Soul's AlphaKini to match the Legend armor and tweaking the style of it to match this particular armor setup.

Yep, I know it's impractical. But I like the way it looks!

Rosie 7 - A work in progress

This is one of my first attempts at rendering in Iray from Daz Studio.

This Rosie 7 WIP is based on Mika 7 but with many changes made, including using some of my Genesis 2 Female shapes like Ysabeau 6's head, Aiko 6, Keiko 6 and Gia 6 body shapes and more.

This was a fun scene with Stonemason's Willow Creek - amazing scene setting! I just dropped in a distant light to get the sunlight coming in, in addition to the HDRI I'm using fro global illumination.

Alita Senses Danger

Misty's Veronica WR8TH (Genesis 8 Female preset for Carrara) as Alita Battle Angel using Syph

Syph, by Daz 3D's Marcius is certainly intended to be used as an Alita Battle Angel cosplay figure. She comes with the warpaint and the amazing URM Berserker Battlesuit.

The suit is a Genesis 8 "Geoshell" which uses the same UV Mapping as the figure itself, so instead of jumping through hoops to try and get the suit into Carrara, and then figuring out how to make it work... I opted for a different route: Using PD Howler, I hand-drew a selection where I wanted the skin around her neckline and shoulders to end and the suit begins.

This incredible suit's magical appearance comes from - you guessed it... Normal Maps. So I simply made a black and white image where white is one material and black is the other, and used that to drive Mixer Operations in Carrara's handy and easy to use Shaders for Color, Highlights, Shininess and Reflection.

The hair is from V4 Ranger, by 3D Universe. It's a handy Prop-style hair, so after editing it to my liking using the modeling tools in Carrara, I duplicated it and edited a second layer for more of what I was looking for. That hair is pretty cool on its own, however!

What We Need, Good King, is a Hero!

An early creation of Dartanbeck 5 (Rosie 5's counterpart) wins the "Rendered in Carrara" prize in the 2019 "It's Raining Men" contest at Daz 3D

Best Image using Carrara

#32 What We Need, Good King, is a Hero by @Dartanbeck

I had just bought Predatron's awesome Giant Fantasy Snake and immediately came up with this idea for my first entry ever into this rather fun contest! :)

The setting is my Carrara EnvironKit - Woodlands product, which is now available Free!

Click the image to go to the gallery page at Daz 3D where it's posted for a listing of all products used, including those use to make up Dartanbeck 5

Approaching the Station Nebula

A KitBash within a KitBash! See my KitBash - Marcoor for my article on kitbashing this cool foreground space vessel. In the background is an incredible Allied Fleets ship by skynet3020, prepped for Poser by Simon3d, both at Renderosity. The station itself is a really fun kitbash using only Petipet's super-awesome Dominator Planet kit and a few of Carrara's amazing Volumetric Clouds. The whole scene is rendered in my Starry Sky for Carrara product, now available Free!

Still one of my favorite Rosie 4 renders, I made this just after seeing Cripeman's dedication to Frazetta. Back then I was still trying to do the entire image in the Carrara render without performing any (like, none! ...except the "No Postwork" stamp! LOL)) post work.

Dartan and Rosie are in First Bastion's A Walk Across Water with Orcs chasing them.

I was able to fade the backing imagery by using volumetric lighting at really high levels from various angles. I remember having to render this one over and over again until i got it to look like this.

Somewhere along the line - not sure when, upgrades and enhancements... I ended up straying further and further from the look I truly wanted for Rosie - but without realizing.

Orcs on the Bridge!

Dart vs the Dragon

I liked my M4-based Dartanbeck character from this look forward. Yes, most of my focus has always been on Rosie mostly because she truly is my ultimate hero. She was a lot more difficult, too with her long, curly hair and such.

To me, I really nailed the look of Dartanbeck right from the start after I made the switch to Michael 4.

Predatron came out with this amazing Moorland Dragon - I just had to have it. Well, it turns our that these dragons want to kill Rosie! What?!!! So Dartan had to come to the rescue!

I mean... Really?

I believe that this Rosie was made using Victoria 3, but she might have been 2 or even 1. See, I got into 3D in an odd way, I think.

BioWare's D&D game, Neverwinter Nights was designed to be edited by the community. It also came with Dungeon Master functionality online, so it really was something different. In fact, I still don't think that any other game since can top it for actually playing D&D visually with a group of real players (but only seeing them as their character personas) with a real live Dungeon Master - or more than one, even!

I dug in right away and created a texture pack to expand on the available armor, clothing, etc., and eventually made role-playing tools like being able to have your character visually put on (or take off) a backpack (characters didn't actually have back packs - it was a crude model I made in Gmax) and eventually made my character, Rosie some long curly hair that ball-jointed at the neck so it didn't just stick solid out of the head like the other long hairs available.

I was taught 3D by a friend who invited me to help create "Spelljammer" for NWN. That was a fun ride!

I made this ad for the fourth Neverwinter Con, which was celebrating NWN 2 as well.

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Carrara 8.5 Pro is truly my favorite reason to be at a computer!

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All of these characters are made using the same figure - Daz 3D's Genesis - and that's just a small taste of the enormous amount of shapes and styles available for this amazing piece of artistic technology!

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