What Content comes with Carrara 8.5 Pro?

Buying Carrara 8.5 Pro is actually like getting more for free than  What we pay!

An absolutely wonderful bundle of goods to get us started right away!

Let's take a look at the Daz 3D Content that comes with Carrara 8.5 Pro not even including the gigantic library of examples it comes with as Native Content:

Daz 3D Content Included with Carrara 8.5 Pro

Carrara 8 Native Content

The pdf on the right lists the objects that come along with Carrara 8 and 8.5 as items to use and/or learn from, contained directly within the Objects page of the browser.

To obtain this immense list of goodies, be sure to install Carrara 8 Native Content from your account at Daz 3D or via the Install Manager.

Note that this (and the rest of the amazing pile of presets for scenes, shaders, etc.,) are not contained within Carrara 8.5 Native Content, which includes what I have showcased above.

So, even if you only bought Carrara 8.5 but not Carrara 8, we still need to install the Carrara 8 Native Content to fill the browser and obtain the incredibly handy wizards!


If you do get Carrara (you know you want to!) make sure you go to my Downloads page and grab my entire previous Daz 3D Carrara Content store! 

In addition to the above, you'll then also get a whole bunch of preset scenery that is native to Carrara as well as the base elements on their own to build your own from scratch. A massive addition to the Carrara content collection.

Check out THIS LIST of other extra goodies we can get to go along with our Carrara software

But what about the rest of the Daz 3D store that isn't on that list?

Good question. Part of what draws us to Carrara in the first place is that it can load the content that has actually been designed to work specifically in either Daz Studio or Poser.

Since active development releases have come to a halt, some of the content in the store simply is not compatible directly. Some of the ambitious souls in the Carrara Discussion Forum find ways to work with this stuff anyway, and they get some remarkable results!

Basically anything made for Genesis works in Carrara with the exception of anything that uses Geografting. Most things that came before Genesis that are made to work in Daz Studio and/or Poser 7 and earlier work just fine. 

That all being said, MistyLaraCarrara, at Renderosity has created a Preset of Genesis 3 Male and Female for use in Carrara 8.5. 

Install Janette and Johnathon for Genesis 3 in Carrara 8.5, and your Genesis 3 morphs will work on them as well - and they work in Carrara!

It requires some workarounds to get the content for them working, however. Best to visit the Carrara Discussion Forum over at Daz 3D for that and, while you're there you can also pick up the free demo of the Genesis 8 Male and Female for Carrara as well!!!

Okay so the main issues that I can think of right now are that Genesis 3 and 8 hair and clothing will not work as they are when purchased - we must make a simple change to them and save (with a new name or in a new location - I use the same location as where Janette and Johnathon reside in a Clothing folder, and then a new folder for more broad categories. This thing that we must do is to:

Like I said, it's not a big deal. I haven't done a lot of this yet, so it's best you head to the forum before just jumping into this because I think there's still some kind of issues with shoes or somesuch... 

For further information to help understand what works and what might not work in Carrara, I have written an article to help sort this all out:

Working with Content

With Carrara 8.5 , this software is getting much closer to true compatibility

with Daz Studio. This article attempts to illustrate what can and cannot be taken back and fourth.

It also covers some of the basic techniques required to get the most out of any Poser/DS content

within Carrara. 

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