Free Cross-Generation Conversion

Using zaz777's amazing animated pose conversion script along with the necessary rsg's "Updated: Daz Studio Posing Scripts (now for G3F)" available on has brought great results for me over the couple years I've been working in Daz Studio for animation.

If using Mixamo animation FBX

3D Universe's Daz Studio Animation Tools Set 1 includes a tool called Body2Hip

Run this on the FBX result Before saving the animated pose, and you'll enjoy Massive Improvements!!!

Use is simple: Select figure (I just select the imported FBX figure) then run Body2Hip

I had converted a lot of my Mixamo FBX downloads to Victoria 7 using Zaz777's conversion script (see above), and they work great. But they're for Victoria 7, so to use them on Rosie 8, I'd either use the  G3F to G8F World's Greatest Pose Convertor pose dials or run a Bone Minion. (there's also G3M to G8M World's Greatest Pose Convertor for our male figures)

Rather than using the Victoria 7 conversions I already made I decided to just use my new Genesis 2 Pose Bone Minion to start from scratch with the original Mixamo FBX downloads. (I purchased the Genesis 2 Pose bone Minion Bundle so that I can easily translate my Mixamo FBX downloads to Any of my Daz 3d Figure generations from M4 and V4 through Genesis 8.1)

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Cross-Generation Animation Translation Using Bone Minion

I am looking for an aniBlock, but... oh... that's right. I have that for Genesis 3, but not 8.

Well, it was a good rendering day. I can take a break.

I load in Genesis 8 and apply a Genesis 3 Bone Minion to it and convert the entire collection in one sitting. It takes a while if they're long aniBlocks like these, but in the end the worth is Incredible. Like getting a whole new pack of aniBlocks for this figure.

It can be easy to mess up, so I'll go through the whole process here. We'll use Genesis 8 Female for this example, and we'll call her G8F and Genesis 3 Female we'll call G3F.

It all goes very smoothly. Easier to do than to type.

* Only available if you've purchased a Bone Minion.

Bone Minion folder - if you have more than one Bone Minion for Genesis 3 Poses, there will still only be the one Genesis 3 Female Bone Minion. If you own the correct one, it will just work on the figure you've applied it to.

When I work on these projects, I prefer to use (in this example) G8F Base Figure, rather than a character, just to make sure that the data is made for and taken from the main, base figure. It might not make a difference - so if I just want to do one conversion while my character is open, I'll go ahead and make the conversion (it's just joint rotation data after all) and also save the resulting aniBlock to potentially (definitely in my case) save time down the road.

** Automatic Pose Transfer On/Off is, unfortunately animatable. Meaning that, if it's already On and we turn it Off on the last frame, it's still On on the first frame.

When Automatic Pose Transfer is active (On), it will constantly send pose-change information to the target. You don't want that to happen any time except when actually transferring. Get into the habit of keeping this turned off except during the transfer, and Always at frame 0!

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Ultimate Pose Convertor Bundle for Genesis 9

This is a special Bone Minion Bundle that is set up differently than any of the other Bone Minion Bundles in that it contains all of the various Bone Minion product that convert poses from other generations to Genesis 9

The other Bundles - The name of the generation is the Bone Minion you get for all other generations. So Genesis 3 Poses Bundle includes the Genesis 3 Male and Female Bone Minions for Generation 4 (M4/V4, etc.,) Genesis 1, 8, and 8.1

Those other bundles were made before Genesis 9, so Riversoft Art made this bundle to compensate - as it includes All Bone Minions that convert to Genesis 9.

Please note that there is also a Genesis 9 Poses Bundle (see below) that is set up just like the others.

Also, I'm only showing the Bundles here. In each bundle's store page you can find the individual Bone Minion product links if all you need is one. 

Riversoft Art's Bone Minion Instructional Video

Riversoft Art is right. He says that, with Bone Minion we don't have to make all of these conversions but just use Bone Minion on the fly, which is a very good point.

I like having a bazillion aniBlocks to choose from, so I like just converting and be done with it. Plus I like having aniBlocks for all of the wonderful benefits that aniMate 2 provides with all of the tools, features and functions that initiated this thread in the first place!

"I like the job that Bone Minion does so much that I'm collecting all of them!!!" - Dartanbeck

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