From the kind donations from Claus and Douglas, Rosie 9 is well under way! Thanks Guys!!! I truly appreciate it!

Check it out, she's ready to take on the World already!!!

Alley 9 looks a Lot like Rosie, so I really wanted this as a base to start from.

Now that I've finally got my hands on the Genesis 9 Essential Shapes Bundle she's looking great already!

Each of the products contained within the Essential Shapes Bundle enable the rest of her shaping and animation setup, after which I can begin with her Custom Control Dials and Really put her to work!

Like all of the base characters I start with, changes need to be made to turn her into a Rosie character.

Alley 9 , Genesis 9 Essential Shapes Bundle, Zev0's Growing Up for Genesis 9, along with the new Ariana Day Out Bundle for Genesis 9 and the amazing dForce Wet Style Curly Hair for Genesis 8 and 9, Rosie 9 was well on her way, but there are things that still aren't quite right.

Hmmm... looks kind of like they're saying: Rosie Character Convertor! ;)

Okay now this thing is helping to make a World of Difference.

I have to be careful. I don't want to just bring Genesis 8 into Genesis 9. When I go 9, I want 9. Not 8.

Sending an edited copy of Rosie 8 through the convertor gave me a really nice additional selection of shaping morphs to get her more inline with her previous versions.

Thanks Riversoft Art and Sickleyield! Oh... speaking of which:

Riversoft Art nails it again!!!

This thing is Fantastic!

The regular Bone Minion supplied here (one for Genesis 3M and one for F) gets applied to the Genesis 9 figure. Then we apply our poses from the other generation - Genesis 3 Female, in this case - directly to the Bone Minion, which sends the corrected pose to Genesis 9's rigging. It's really very slick!

Bone Minion is always talking to the target it's applied to. So animations will record along frame after frame. I demonstrate a really nice workflow for this in my Dynamic Character Animation course.

Even better, there's a 'special' Bone Minion called Heavyweight Bone Minion, which can also transfer morph values as well as rigging pose data. As should be expected, this takes a lot more system resources to run. Like I said, Bone Minion is Always sending changes to the target figure it's applied to. Again, I discuss this one in the course as well. Fantastic!

I demonstrate how I can make 'special' aniBlocks from animations I've done for Rosie 7, complete with the Custom Controls and Soft-Body simulation data. 

Using the Heavyweight Bone Minion, I can transfer that entire animation - just the way I rendered it - straight to Genesis 9! 

Since I've made a digital Ton of animations with Rosie 7, and was kind enough to myself to save them all, I can now get corrected, simulated results immediately onto Rosie 9! Thanks Riversoft Art! You ROCK!!!

Since I'm having such success with this Bone Minion product, I decided to go ahead and get the whole Bone Minion Bundle for Genesis 3 Poses.

The bundle includes Genesis 3 Male and Female Bone Minions for M4 and V4, Genesis 1, 2, 8 and 8.1, which is perfect since I've made my base collection of aniBlocks all for Genesis 3 already. 

I look forward to trying animated pose products from the new vendors at Daz, but since they're made for Genesis 8 and newer, and I'm not working with 8, I haven't tried them yet. They look promising though.

So when I start collecting those I'll likely get the Genesis 8 pose Bone Minion for Genesis 3... we'll see. 

Other items used in the image: be continued...

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