A very short promo - this is another clip I put together with a few simulation tests along with the Dominator Attack on Project Xion City.

Hair and cloth simulations done using VWD with Philemo's Bridge to Carrara plugin - link found on the same page

About the video - Rosie 5 is Artemis Knight (ArtemisX and Liquid Knight), piloting her ship using Ravnheart's Marcoor Control Room, with TheAntFarm's Biobotic (droid in the controls chair in the background), frantically trying to navigate them out of this mess. Petipet's massive Dominators rain down from above to devastate and destroy Inception8's Project Xion City (the final three images/links below - Xion sets 1, 2 and 3)

The music is entitled "Dartanbeck.com", which I put together as an opening title for my stuff. I think it works pretty well, since it keeps these little videos less than a minute long.

Images/links are in the order they appear in the above statement

Rosie's version of Artemis Knight is using KookNfat's The J-Suit as the bodysuit, still using ArtemisX's gloves and boots, and guns if the need arrises!

The belt is from 4blueyes' Elf Age Light

The J-Suit

used instead of ArtemisX suit

Elf Age Light

used for her belt

The chair she's sitting in at the beginning is the awesome Modular Command Chair, made quite some time ago - I believe by Simon3D

and support this site at the same time!!! :) Thanks!!! :)