aniMate 2 - by GoFigure

Add the Magic of Non-Linear Animation to you Daz Studio Workflow!

Daz Studio does come with aniMate 2 built in, but that's mostly a really good demo. 

We must purchase aniMate 2 in order to unlock the rest of the features. 

It's not expensive and for me it was a great investment. 

The Power of aniMate 2

Sunday, Decemeber 3rd (part 1) and 10th (part2)

19:00 GMT / 2PM EST / 1PM CST / 12PM MST / 11AM PST

Two Part Event - I will cover all of the Amazing possibilities discussed in this thread Live, so we can get interactive and see a personal view of how we can put all of this to good practice.

aniMate 2 and Daz Studio make for a Powerful combination - making Animating in Daz Studio a real dream come true! I'm Loving It!!!

aniBlock Packs at Daz 3d

GoFigure aniMate Demo Videos and Tutorials

aniMate 2 User Guide

aniMate2 User Guide.pdf

Need to get Poser Formats out of Daz Studio?

Use DAZ Studio, Carrara and/or Poser in your creative process? Need to get poses and/or animations to Carrara or Poser, but the data is in DAZ Studio? 

DUF files can take forever to load in Carrara and, sometimes they might not work at all, depending on what it is.


Poser Format Exporter!!!

This script provides the ability to generate Poser format Pose (.pz2), Face/Expression (.fc2) and Hand (.hd2) files from directly within DAZ Studio. Use DAZ Studio to pose or animate your figures, then use this script to transfer that information to Carrara or Poser.

NOTE: PFE supports both DAZ Studio 3 and 4

Check out How to use the Poser Format Exporter by Mattymanx 

What's Included and Features


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