The Production

This section will grow as we progress. This Preface may even change.

But for now, here we go!

Preface - Initial Steps of a Newcomer Filmmaker

The more I learn about filmmaking, the more I realize that going it alone is a daunting task.

I always knew this to be true, but in learning Visual Effects lead to learning Filmmaking lead to Cinematography lead to Screenplay Writing lead to Directing, Composing, Sound Design and Foley...

Each step being incredibly deep, challenging, but incredibly wonderful!

Enjoying each step involved, and being that I'm part time at the moment, I accept the challenge of continuing on by myself - and thrill at the dream of the outcome.

It will be a long ride to come, so I have decided to take material I've created up to this point and working out a bit of a teaser - creating new elements to turn what I have into a glimpse of my vision to come.

Though some parts of the full story will be present, the order won't be proper, and the content will be laid out in a mixed up way to intentionally thwart giving away the actual context.

Some parts will seem to makes sense, but will be unclear as to whether or not it's being told as the actual tale dictates, as many parts will be missing entirely.

So why even do it like this?

This will allow me to step deeper than studying into some of the other aspects of making a film -

  • Production

  • Story

  • Direction

  • Photography

  • Sound

  • Music

  • Edit

  • Visual Effect

  • Color

  • Final Mix

What is currently going on in earnest for the full major storyline include -

  • Concept Art and Design

  • Storyline Development

  • Character and Creature Design

  • Costume Design

  • Asset Coordination and Cataloging

  • Actor Direction, Animation and Simulation

  • Actor Scene Take Photography

  • Set/Stage Design, Construction and Development

  • Lighting and Camera

  • Shader and Render Technology Development

  • Research Introduction of Additional Content Assets

  • Musical Composition

  • Sound Design and Cataloging

What To Expect

This first glimpse teaser will be a visual, audible, musical motion picture telling a touch of a story on its own, paced and emoted to make an artistic and impactful short.

Coming Soon...

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